11 Top Selling Comic Book Characters of All Time

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These 11 top selling comic book characters of all time are the bedrock of the comic book industry. The ordinary person knows the top 3 (red guy, black guy, red and blue guy), little boys and big boys who are little on the inside know a few more. Do you know the remaining?

Comic books or as some would call them graphic novels have become a norm and a common reference in today’s pop culture. With different platforms and industries integrating with one another, comic book characters have become well-known and popular. You are probably familiar with a lot of the names included in this list as you’ll often see them in toys, movies, video games and a lot of other places. The characters listed here are the ones that became very popular and sold highly. They are the reason why their respective companies would continue making comics today.

When considering this list, we only take into account the popularity of the character during their individual stints in comics, as well as their sales in other platforms as well. You might notice that names like the X-Men, Justice League or Avengers aren’t included in this list. This is because we take into account the character more than the team. One cannot doubt that the ones listed here have had a significant impact on the Top Selling Comic Book Issues of This Century.

We can’t accurately put numbers when it comes to how much these characters have sold in total. A good indicator is how much they’ve sold in the past and how much popular they still are today. Let’s find out more as we explore these 11 top selling comic book characters of all time.

11. The Phantom

The Phantom started out in a newspaper strip during the 1930s. Over time as his adventures continued he was also put into comic book issues that surprisingly sold well overseas. The amount of popularity he gained would even lead him to a movie adaptation during the 1990s. The only thing notable about him though as compared to other heroes is his violent leotard.

Top Selling Comic Book Characters of All Time

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