8 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Africa

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Africa is a truly beautiful continent and thus it is no surprise that we had to compile a list of the most expensive places to visit in Africa to help you better plan your trip. From the beautiful wild animals and rich nature to the people and their ancient history, most of the African countries are definitely worth seeing.

However, even though there are numerous best places to visit in Africa that are safe and beautiful, there are some countries that are unfortunately war-torn and are thus unsuitable for travel. It is best to be on the lookout for travel advisories so that you will know which countries are not safe, but most of the continent is largely safe.

The unique thing about choosing to travel to Africa has to be the diversity of vacations offered. Whether you want a safari, boat tour, or just want to relax at a spa or even get more adventurous and go hiking, Africa will definitely be a huge delight.

most expensive places to visit in Africa


Due to its very large size, Africa is a land of diverse cultures and terrains. The landscape has ample amounts of deserts, savannah grasslands, waterfalls, amazing coastlines, majestic rivers and mountains among others. Besides being the chosen place to escape winter in other continents, there are some great skiing opportunities in Morocco.

Each unique African culture has its own language, interesting beliefs and traditions as well as some tasty foods. Undeniably, interacting with locals will be a great reward of your visit to Africa. In fact, experts have documented that there are likely more than 7,000 different cultures and tribes within Africa.

Due to previous interaction with other nations during colonization and trade, Africans were exposed to several languages ranging from French, English and Spanish to Arabic and Portuguese. In addition, local tribes also communicate with their own languages, making the continent a rich destination for a linguist. Here are the most expensive places to visit in Africa:

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