10 Largest Financial Services Companies by AUM

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The 10 largest financial services companies by AUM (Assets Under Management) are the biggest players on the market as far as what they have as assets under their management and these assets’ value go. You can see all these on our list of the 25 largest financial service companies by revenue due to obvious reasons – the more money a company rakes in, the more assets it has under management. However, a company’s assets don’t come solely from revenue so you will see that the order is not quite the same at all.

Financial services can include quite a bit of different businesses. They include insurance, banking, accounting, reinsurance, assets management and many more. Finance has become a very complex field of study today and an even more complex and daunting field of practice, especially if you get into the higher tiers of it. Technology is doing its best to help but in a world where people live and die for the sole purpose of stacking up more income, nothing can ever be enough. The times when people bartered for everything or later on exchanged some basic form of currency has long passed. Today, our financial world is a very dynamic and vivid environment where the press of a button with a couple of seconds of latency can be the difference between being on the top and starting again from the bottom. It’s quite an intricate and curious story how it all got this way but to keep this article acceptably unlike a book, we will omit discussing that matter.

On the other hand, certain financial companies today have grown enough to become an integral part of international economy with the assets they hold or fund other establishments which may or may not include government related work. The modern private economy sector is a machine of unimaginable proportions which, like any other, is only as strong as its weakest part, which any of these companies are not.

Now, let’s take a look at these 10 largest financial sercives companies by AUM:

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