11 Most Hated Bands in the World

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What does it take for a band to be amongst the most hated bands in the world? Well, not necessarily producing bad music and certainly not being unpopular! Remember that one song that plays over and over on the radio and annoys the hell out of you? No doubt that’s super popular, but the very existence of it can stir the wrath within your soul, right?

Sometimes we are just prejudiced like that! Other times the situation is stickier. Some bands make it huge that it gets their heads in the clouds. Next there are a series of instances of bad behavior and scandals that it gets too tiring for us to care anymore. Like Guns and Roses was dangerously close to being included in the list, thanks to frontman Axl Rose’s antics in the recent past. But, let’s get real; we’ve only got 11 spots on this list!

Hence, we are only sticking to the bands that stir the most amount of annoyance in us. The ones that we love to hate solely because of them being, well, them! They are the Justin Beibers of the band fraternity. But, like they say even negative publicity can be good sometimes, being the most hated bands in the world does not always mean end game. Some bands have actually created a whole career on it!

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For now let’s deal with the bands who bring out that familiar cringe on our faces the moment we hear their names. So here is the who’s who in the most hated bands in the world Hall of Fame!

11. Metallica,

The once glorious days of Metallica that came with their first four albums got harder to digest with every new album that they came out with. And then came Death Magnetic as the final nail in the coffin. The band today has become one of the most jaded acts that are still around, and we’re just plain tired of it by now!

Most Hated Bands in the World

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