11 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

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Eyeing the sleek vehicles next to you on the freeway? The beauty comes with a price tag in the showroom and after, and the 11 Most Expensive Cars To Insure will make you think twice if you win the lottery and go car shopping. When considering getting a new car, the insurance costs can be an important factor to consider. Especially if you’re after some fancy speedster, or a comfortable limousine-type cruiser. Today you’ll see the most expensive cars to insure ranked by the rates for 12 months.

We love fast and strong cars. The horsepower, the sound, and the moving speed they can reach is stunning; passion for cars is one of the most spread around the world. Every day dozens of thousands of cars change their owners, spending millions of dollars. Auctions are very popular – look at the 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction list to see how much people are willing to spend to get their hands on their desired car. A good thing to know: the more horsepower in your engine, the bigger expenses are. Now you’ll see which cars are the most expensive to insure today.

11. Jaguar XKR

A beautiful beast, the Jaguar XKR brought tuned suspension, and blazing performance. The Supercharged engine with the capacity of 5 liters brings out an amazing 510 horsepower. Lighter than its previous version, XKR can reach 155 miles per hour. Two versions, coupe and convertible are available for purchase, and insuring this beauty will cost you $2533 annually.
jaguar xkr

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