7 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Uruguay

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Located between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a small country that is now starting to feature more prominently on travelers’ itineraries, and this has compelled us to compile the list of the most expensive places to visit in Uruguay. While most of the resorts in country lure the sun seeking travelers, the capital Montevideo is rising as a key destination with lots of great culture.

You can get to Montevideo through a short flight from Buenos Aires in Argentina. However, if you are coming into Uruguay from Argentina, consider riding across the infamous River Plate, which is a huge estuary that separates the two countries. As your yacht glides into a Montevideo’s large natural harbor, you will appreciate why it was highly coveted by the European powers.

Most of the residents of Uruguay can trace their origins to Italian and Spanish immigrants, which gives the country, particularly the capital city, a unique European feel. Since Montevideo was once a slaving port, the area has a very lively Afro-Uruguayan community, which is usually more visible during the yearly carnival celebrations. This is when you can hear the energetic and harmonious drum rhythms and take part in the parades and parties.

As you browse through the best places to visit in Uruguay that are safe and beautiful, you should probably know that this country has the highest rates of literacy in South America. You will be able to interact comfortably with the locals, who are actually quite welcoming to visitors.

Most Expensive Places to Visit in Uruguay

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Uruguay is also famed for its caffeine dens. The Italian roots of this country make for a vibrant café culture. Lovers of coffee will treasure spending time in the world class caffeine dens sampling some of the world’s best coffee. Learn more about the most expensive places to visit in Uruguay by reading on.

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