11 Most Livable Countries in Europe

Coming up with a list of the 11 most livable countries in Europe will always spark a debate as most of the countries are always included in best-of-countries lists. However, some countries have that slight edge on some aspects, and these little differences will determine the most livable countries in Europe.

European countries have always been known for being one the most developed in the world, although there are a few exceptions. Nonetheless, the citizens of most livable countries in Europe enjoy privileges and experiences that people from the most livable countries in Africa may only dream of. Many of these countries enjoy free or near-free universal healthcare, with large subsidies from the national governments. Average annual salaries are usually higher than in the rest of the world, and the citizens are satisfied with their lives. However, these factors are only some of why these countries are more livable than most countries. Other areas put into consideration are education, income, the cost of living, environment, citizen empowerment, housing and sanitation. There are actually an infinite number of ways to measure livability, as this term is very subjective.

11 Most Livable Countries in Europe

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So what makes a country more livable than another? Insider Monkey sought help from different sources to determine the most livable countries in Europe. Information was provided mainly by 3 sources: The Economist’s Where to be Born Index, the United Nation’s Human Development Index for 2015 and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index. These sources have different rankings for each country, so Insider Monkey came up with our own unique ranking based on the above-mentioned sources. Ranks for each country were tabulated, and each country’s rank was averaged, which was how these countries were ranked on our list.

Note that there is one instance that a country does not appear in all 3 sources mentioned. This may be due to that country not being a member of a certain organization. Insider Monkey still included countries not found in all sources as long as they appear in at least two.