11 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World

As you’ll discover in the most expensive shoe brands in the world, people aren’t afraid to spend a lot on footwear. It’s one essential apparel item that frequently causes shoppers to break the bank.

And while a quality pair of shoes isn’t always going to be cheap, a designer pair is always going to be expensive, or, at least, hundreds of dollars. But we’ve discovered shoe brands who frequently breach the thousands, and prove successful. These well-known luxury brands are often sported by celebrities on runways across the world.

11 Most Expensive Shoe Brands in The World

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

To determine these brands, we took an average price of 10 pairs of the most expensive shoes from various luxury fashion lines, and used Finance Online’s Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands of 2016 as well as researched other high-end brands, much like in the 11 Most Expensive Shoe Stores in the World.

The brands we mention sell shoes of all types, from pumps to boots to bridal. They also range throughout the world, from Italy to France to the US.

Though when reading our list, you should remember that the averages we estimated are based on shoe prices found online only. In other words, brands may sell more expensive shoes, or have higher averages of shoe prices, which are not listed online. We also excluded prices for custom-made shoes, which can sometimes cost millions.

Either way, we hope you enjoy browsing through some of the world’s top footwear designers in the 11 most expensive shoe brands in the world. They may not be in your price range, but if your rich uncle ever leaves you his inheritance, you’ll know where to shop for shoes.