7 Countries That Make The Best Music in The World

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You may think that the challenge to determine countries that make the best music in the world is too much to handle, but we are here to be one step ahead of others.

Ever since a prehistoric time music was used (and still is) as a way of communication; in religious rituals, for expressing feelings and passing the messages. It is estimated that humans started adopting various forms of art between 60,000 and 30,000 years ago and that the music “as we know it must also have emerged during that period.” According to BBC, a team led by Prof Tom Higham at Oxford University recovered the oldest musical instruments found in the history, flutes made from bird bone and mammoth ivory. Flutes are between 42,000 and 43,000 years old. This fact sounds amazing, and it is one more proof that music was always an important part of human’s lives and always will be.

7 Countries That Make The Best Music In the World

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Music, as all man creations, developed and changed through history; from prehistoric times, through Renaissance and Classical period all the way to Rock and Roll with Elvis Presley. With changes in music comes the change in music tastes as well. Music artists are providing the audience with music they want to hear, and we can’t blame them. We can only hope that the next big turnaround in music will be better than the current one.

For our list of countries that make the best music in the world, we’ve decided to take only “popular modern music” in consideration. Why? Well, because, unlike hundreds of years ago when there was actually a clear distinction between what is good and what not, nowadays the borderline is unclear. Nevertheless, there are a lot more criteria that can help us determine how “good” music from a certain country is. We’ve decided to use chart records from Billboard, where they reveal the most successful music (songs, artists and albums) in the last 50 years. For every act, song and album (on all 4 lists) in top 10,  countries received 2 points for the places from 1 to 5 and 1 point for places 6 – 10. The second criterion we’ve used were top selling music artists of all time (certified sales), where every country received from 1 to 20 points based on the ranking of its act. After we had summed it up in our Music Count, we got our list.

Go ahead, grab a beer from one of these 7 countries that make the best beer in the world and enjoy reading about the countries that make the music you love to hear!

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