25 Most Common Fortune Cookie Sayings

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If you’re a regular at Chinese restaurants, chances are you’ve already gotten some of these most common fortune cookie sayings at least on one of your visits. Of what might be the world’s first traditional interactive snack, fortune cookies are quite fun. Seriously who doesn’t love to get secret messages tucked inside the dessert? Even the most generic ones are exciting to read and feel like they are connected to us.

From good luck charms to prophecies – these messages have a wide range. Fortune cookies are extremely popular in America and even though it is still unclear whether the desserts actually originate from China, the tradition is largely connected to the mysticism and myths of Chinese culture. Over the years, traditional messages might have given way to quirkier, modern and fun quotes but some of the most common fortune cookie sayings are still relevant and widely used.

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While going through such quotes and messages we realized there is a pattern. Prophecy style quotes were the largest category, a great percentage of them were dedicated to predictions of gaining wealth or money and romance. Most of them predicted of good luck rather than ill fate. The next greatest category formed of compliments followed by life quotes or advice and words of wisdom. Well, seems like fortune cookies are getting a really popular choice for proposals these days too. At least, that’s what the rise in romantic messages indicates, but we’ll keep those for another day (or another article). Check the 26 Romantic Fortune Cookies Quotes for some lover’s inspiration.

For the most common ones, let’s proceed! We have broken it up into categories for you. Check how many of these have you gotten inside your fortune cookies?

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