11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

If you are seeking for a job, but you are not sure where to start, read our list of 11 easiest fields to get a job in.

Jobs are one of the main stressors in our lives, and of our constant concerns. We are taught to take it seriously and to try hard to improve ourselves and keep our jobs in order to provide money for ourselves and our families. Because of that financial dependence, a job is usually very stressful, as we are in constant fear that we might somehow put our safety and our financial independence in jeopardy. If you are interested in learning more about easy jobs that pay well, then read our list of 11 Easiest and Best Paying Jobs in the World.

But, finding a job is equally stressful as trying to keep one. More often than not it requires a college degree, experience, different skills depending on the position, etc. We spend days and months polishing our resumes and preparing our interviews. We stress over not being late and having the perfect answers to the employer`s tricky questions. You need to summarize your experience, strivings, ambition and your life all in less than 5 minutes, usually. We often must go through endless tests and interviews which can last up to a month or even longer, before we receive the news that we are just not what the company is looking for at the moment, so all our effort goes to waste, and we begin searching for a new job even more depressed. In the sea of talented, educated young people searching for jobs ready to do anything for it, it might not be easy to land an opportunity and show what you know. It could be years before your skills are recognized and appreciated. And while experience is the most important factor when landing a job, most of the talented individuals don`t even get a chance to become experienced in any field as their more experienced colleagues have the advantage when it comes to hiring new staff. We must accept unpaid internships which can last up to several years in order to have the possibility of staying in the company afterward. And very often, that doesn`t even happen.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in


In this competitive job market of today, one can hardly think of doing a job he or she really enjoys and pursuing their dreams instead of steady, high salaries. We are taught to neglect our personal wishes and sacrifice them for the greater good which in this case is the financial security.

Even though there are so many applicants fighting for the same position as you are, it seems as if things are slowly changing. Thanks to the development of technology, it is becoming slightly easier to get a job as the job market is expanding outside the walls of offices, and new jobs are being created as we speak. As the time changes, so do the needs of the companies looking to hire more and more staff to perform various tasks. Many people find jobs online nowadays, and earn their living as freelancers. But, the job market is still very competitive with the number of qualified individuals rising as well. Therefore, if you are looking to change your career path or choose a school which will ensure you a steady job afterward, then you must gather enough information and know what kind of jobs are in demand nowadays so you can start planning your future accordingly and minimize your chances of being disappointed. Luckily, today we can perform a thorough research on the Internet in one afternoon, so at least the process of informing about the latest trends and jobs is not difficult.

In order to find the jobs with the most openings, we searched through Campus Explorer and Career Info, and we compared data we came across. They presented a list of jobs with the most opening per year at the present so here are the 11 easiest fields to get a job in.

11. Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

As a sales representative, your job is to adjust schedules, gather information about the market, and overall meeting customer`s needs. The job also includes contacting customers and explaining the characteristics of products. Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives help customers in finding the best product that fits their needs, answer any questions about the products and also negotiate the price and terms of sale. According to Career Info, these jobs shouldn’t be difficult to find as there are many opening throughout the year, and the approximate annual number of job openings goes up to 39,000.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in


10. Drivers

It should be fairly easy to find a job as a driver, especially as a heavy or trailer tractor driver. The job includes transporting goods from one place to another which can sometimes be very far, so you might drive through several countries. But, if you enjoy driving and you have a high school diploma this can be a possibility for you.  Average earnings per year are around $40,000, or around $19 per hour.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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9. Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers

As a supervisor of retail sales workers, you directly supervise and coordinate activities in a department, and you are in charge of the store. Your obligations might include marketing, too, as well as logistics and human resource. The job might include duties such as budgeting or accounting and personnel work. You also monitor sales activities to make sure that customers receive good service. You can earn up to $38,000 annually. A high school diploma is needed for the position.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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8. Childcare Workers

For those who enjoy working with children becoming a childcare worker is a good path for the future. Childcare workers rank 8th on our list of easiest fields to get a job in. They take care of children and prepare their meals. As a childcare worker, your task is to secure the safety of children, follow their progress and development, and observe and pay attention to their needs and interests. There are approximately 44,000 job openings in this field annually, and you need a high school diploma in order to become a childcare worker.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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7. Maintenance and Repair Workers

In order to become a maintenance and repair worker, one must possess certain skills regarding fixing machines and repairing mechanical equipment, although a high school diploma is necessary for this position. Your job usually includes installing equipment, ordering supplies or setting up machine tools. Some job titles include airport attendants, building engineers, building mechanics, maintenance engineers, mechanical experts, etc. There are around 44,000 job openings in this field per year.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in


6. Accountants and Auditors

For these positions on our list of easiest fields to get a job in, one must have a Bachelor`s degree. As an accountant or an auditor, your job is to prepare financial records and help the company to run the business successfully. You examine the company`s account and the money that goes in or out of the organization. You can earn up to $67,000 per year. The number of job openings goes up to 49,800 per year, thus making it easier to land a job like this.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in


5. Nursing Assistants

As a nursing assistant which ranks 5th on our list of easiest fields to get a job in, you will take care of a patient and help him or her to maintain personal hygiene or assist them in going to the bathroom. Serving meals is usually a part of the job, as well as answering calls and filling in forms and other documents. Basically, your job is to assist the patient with whatever he or she needs. There are almost 60,000 jobs posts per year, so the demand for nursing assistants is very high.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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4. General and Operations Manager

The fourth on our list of 11 easiest fields to get a job in are general and operations manager. According to Career Info, there are around 68,800 job openings annually. The job description includes planning or coordinating activities related to production, sales, etc. As a general or operations manager, you manage daily operations, as well as staff, and you prepare work schedules and assign tasks to the staff. You are in charge of monitoring all the activities related to making products or providing services. A Bachelor`s degree is desirable for this position.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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3. Office Clerks

The office clerk ranks third on our list of easiest fields to get a job in. It is a broad term, so the job description varies depending on the company`s needs. It includes communicating with customers and answering questions, collecting money, answering calls and reading mail, completing bills, contracts, proofreading data, etc. The job may include other similar duties. There are around 75,000 job openings per year, as the demand for office clerks is very high. In order to become an office clerk, you will need only a high school diploma.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in

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2. Customer Service Representatives

As a customer service representative, which ranks second on our list of easiest fields to get a job in, your job is to answer all the questions regarding a product that customers may ask. This kind of jobs is becoming more popular and can now be done even online, so you don`t have to leave your home. You resolve any problems a customer might have with a product, and you usually communicate via e-mail, phone or live chat. In order to land of the 88,870 job openings, you will need some skills such as listening skills, problem-solving skills, ability to resolve conflicts and multi-tasking.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in


1. Registered Nurses

As the highest on our list of 11 easiest fields to get a job in are registered nurses. Duties of a registered nurse are not strictly defined, and they perform a great number of activities. Registered nurses observe the patients and record their behavior. They carefully analyze the patient and diagnose the disease. They are also in charge or the patient`s medical history, and they communicate with other healthcare professionals to create care plans. With 108,840 job openings per year, this is definitely the most prospective field to get a job in. To become a registered nurse you need a Bachelor`s degree.

11 Easiest Fields to Get a Job in