11 Best Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant

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The 11 best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant are sure to chill you to the core. The popularity of crime documentaries has risen in recent times mainly due to the unexpected and unrivaled acclaim received by the Netflix series ‘Making a Murderer‘. The series caused outrage among the American population, who were shocked to find out that the justice system is not perfect and can be exploited to fulfill one’s purposes.

However, this is not the first documentary to tackle such an issue. True crime documentaries have existed for decades and their main aim is often to either try to understand the mind of the person committing the crime or emphasizing the imperfect nature of the country’s justice system which can lead to the incarceration of innocent people.

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After Making a Murderer was released, tens of thousands of people signed a petition demanding the release of the convict the documentary was based on, Steven Avery. The reaction was so strong that even President Barack Obama had to come out and say that he had no power in this regard. Things have taken an even more interesting turn after Avery’s nephew’s conviction was overturned some time after the documentary aired on the basis that the police coerced him unlawfully in order to obtain a confession.

Amazon Prime is host to some of the most bone-chilling and nerve wracking documentaries out there when it comes to true crime. If you intend not to sleep for days, the list of 11 best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant is the perfect fix for you. You will be left with your head shaking, your eyes unable to comprehend what they have seen and you will finally appreciate the depths a person can sink to. The twist is, it is not always the convict who sinks to such depths.

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For our rankings, we assigned each documentary a score based on how many times it was mentioned in similar lists. The greater the number of mentions, the greater the score. Further, we considered the IMDB rating of each documentary and used that as a basis for our ranking as well.

Let’s delve into a world of crime, where often crime pays and being innocent doesn’t.

And now, let’s see the list of best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant.

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