10 Best Freelance Websites for Programmers

If you are a programmer or developer in search of a good source of job offerings, we are about to help you in your pursuit with the list of 10 best freelance websites for programmers.

Is the freelance job something worth trying?

If you don’t try you will never know. For sure, if you choose this path, you will be given one major advantage over all steady jobs you ever had. Freedom! If you’re a freelancer, you can choose to make your kitchen table your office or if it is a sunny day your office can move from kitchen to the balcony, park or coffee shop overlooking some spectacular landscape. Apart from having your office where you want it to be you do not have a boss who will be over your head constantly. You determine where, when, how and for whom you work. In 2016, over 53 million Americans worked as freelancers. That might be quite enough to make a conclusion. Freelancing will become the preferred mode of employment in the future.

10 Best Freelance Websites for Programmers


Not to mistaken it with perfect career choice, there are some pitfalls. It is your responsibility to define your working hours and more importantly to stick to it. You should also make your daily schedule working for your personal life as well. This is all going to be yours to do once you have already found a job to do. But what about finding one? In some phases, this career choice can make your life more difficult and stressful than your regular 9 to 5 job. In the sea of experienced and prosperous freelancers you should be trying and trying to find your first, then second and then every other job. For sure you have heard of Upwork or Freelancer.  They are widely known and used.

If you are a writer look at our list 7 Best Freelance Websites for Writers, and if you are programmer or developer stick to this list of 10 best freelance websites for programmers apart from the mentioned Upwork and Freelancer. The list is composed firstly based on the recommendations and lists made by Inc., Entrepreneur, Hongkiat and DWUSER and secondly by choosing websites that are more inclined to offer jobs in segment of web and applications development and programming, ones for which you have to qualify and thus be a part of the pre-selected group or ones that offer you easier access to big and important companies.

So, from this point onwards take a note of what we have to say! Let’s take a look at our list of best freelance websites for programmers.