100 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs for Beginners

If you are starting to plan your retirement, these 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners will be of invaluable help in making sure your retirement fund is flush with cash by the time you decide to use it.

We have prepared a list of best personal finance and investment blogs for beginners that will help you better understand the markets and its mood swings, allowing you to invest your money in best opportunities available. Our list also covers some of the best economics blogs on the internet that are ready and waiting for you to take advantage of their vast depositories of knowledge and all of it for free. Whether you are looking for best value investing blogs or day trading blogs, we have you covered.



Since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 when investors’ 401ks turned into 201ks, markets have bounced back. Investors’ confidence has returned as they recovered their losses, leading to some spectacular earnings. In the recent years, investment blogs in India have reported the same thing in that country as well, so you might want to consider following some of the Indian stock markets blogs that are highlighted in our list for some hot tips. If Indian market isn’t something that you are interested in, there are plenty of stock market blog sites on our list that deal with the Western trade you may find interesting.

We didn’t include any business blogs in this list as we have previously covered this topic earlier this year in an article titled 25 best business blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Before we plunge into 100 best personal finance, investing, and investment advice blogs for beginners, a few words about our methodology. Determining the best investment advice websites is a highly subjective process, so we decided to go for a consensus in this article even though we strongly believe that we can identify the best investment blogs better than anyone else. We went through dozens of sites that recommend personal finance, investing, and investment advice blogs for beginners and looked at their choices. For each site that recommends it, a blog received a point, which helped us rank them.

Since that wasn’t enough, we went through several lists of best finance blogs in 2016 and 2017 (AAA Credit Guide, Credit Donkey, Intelligent Economist, and The College Investor) and picked those that are at least partially geared towards beginners. We also consulted excellent Jake Mann’s list Best Finance Blogs. Basically, this article presents the consensus view of other websites regarding the best personal finance, investing and investment advice blogs. Some of the blogs that are highlighted in this article are among the most successful blogs in the world generating millions of dollars in income annually Here are our results.

100. Pocket Your Dollars

We start with the essentials. Pocket Your Dollars offers some great tips on how to save on groceries and other everyday things in your life.


99. Stefanie O’Connell Blog

Stefanie O’Connell’s blog used to be known as The Broke and Beautiful Life. She provides her audience with some excellent information on personal finance.


98. Bad with Money

Bad with Money ranks 98th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Angry millennials view on personal finance (and everything else). If you don’t mind few curse words here and there, Gaby Dunn’s podcast is worth following.


97. Beginners Invest

With Joshua Kennon, you can learn the basics of investment, including what all those words from Wolf of the Wall street mean. Plus, you’ll get some tips to start you off.


96. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets ranks 96th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. If real estate investment if something that you are interested in, Bigger Pockets is a great place to start.


95. Cait Flanders Blog

Formerly known as Blonde on a Budget, Cait Flanders’ blog documents her story on getting free of debt. Since then, it has grown to a guide to minimalist living.


94. brip blap

Brip blap is designed as a guide for financial freedom. Aimed at beginners, brip blap also has plenty of advice that can be useful to all.


93. Broke Millennial

Broke Millennial ranks 93rd in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. If ever there were a generation in dire need of financial advice in our history, it was millennials. Broke Millennial will help you with some essential tips and guides on how to survive student debts and get your life in order.


92. Cash Flow Diary

Real estate offers some juicy investment opportunity and Cash Flow Diary will help you get started.

cash flow

91. Chicago Financial Planner

Chicago Financial Planner is a blog written by Roger Wohlner. Here he shares his knowledge gathered in years he spent working as a financial advisor.


90. Free Money Finance

Free Money Finance ranks 90th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Dedicated to increasing their users’ net worth, Free Money Finance offers many tips on how to save and make money.


89. Conscience of a Liberal

You can’t really write a list of best finance, investing, and stock market blogs for beginners and miss Nobel Economics Prize winner Paul Krugman’s Conscience of a Liberal. Regardless of whether you agree or not with his ideology, Krugman offers insight into the world of finance everyone can benefit from, including beginners.


88. Darwin’s Finance

Darwin’s Finance hasn’t been updated in a while, but the site is still online and older posts are still as good as they were back when first published.


87. csinvesting

Csinvesting ranks 87th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. From Bitcoin to natural gas investments, csinvesting has plenty of advice on how to grow your money.


86. Death, Sex & Money

You can see just from its title that Death, Sex & Money deals with various subjects. Even if you don’t find their financial advice helpful, there are plenty of quality content on other topics.

death sex money

85. Debt Roundup

When a man pays off a $75,000 debt in just four years, you want to hear what he has to say. Grayson Bell did just that and is sharing all the tips that can help you with your debt.

debt roundup

84. Everything Finance

Apart from the regular advice on personal finance, Everything Finance also has a section offering tips on how to make some extra cash, which can be useful in a pinch.

everything finance

83. Don’t Mess with Taxes

Don’t Mess with Taxes ranks 83rd in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. IRS isn’t really known as a forgiving agency and the title of this blog is justified. If you aren’t sure how to do your taxes, seek an advice. The alternative will be unpleasant.

dont mess with taxes

82. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Articles found on Don’t Quit Your Day Job are well researched and intelligently written and there is something for everyone, including beginners in personal finance.


81. Financial Mentor

Whether you are looking for advice on retirement planning, investment, pf wealth building, Financial Mentor has got you covered. A lot of their content is structured to accommodate beginners.


80. Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Not big on practical tips, Greg Mankiw offers insight into the world of economics that makes for a great read. If you are interested in how money makes the world go around, you should give it a try.

greg mankiw

79. Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai ranks 79th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. After 13 years in the bowels of the corporate beast, the author of financial Samurai decided he had enough. On his blog, he offers tips that helped him become independent. Definitely worth a read if financial freedom is your goal.


78. Generation X Finance

Becoming a millionaire before 30 is a pretty common dream, but not many of us achieve it. Well, this guy did, and he is willing to tell us how.


77. Monster Piggy Bank

Need an advice on personal finance? Monster Piggy Bank has plenty of those, including how to save and how to get a credit with a lousy score.


76. Joshua’s Beginner’s Investing Blog

Joshua Kennon has two blogs, so don’t mix them up. Both are worth reading, but if you are a beginner looking for investment advice, this one is for you.


75. The Undercover Economist

What started as a column at Financial Times soon grew into a bestseller book. Tim Harford’s Undercover Economist is one of the most popular books on economy and finance and comes highly recommended for beginners and advanced readers alike.


74. Stacking Benjamins

Stacking Benjamins ranks 74th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. One of the best podcasts out there on everything money-related and definitely worth your time.


73. The Side Hustle Show

Real estate investing and money saving are just a few of the topics The Side Hustle Show offers advice on. Mostly it focuses on maximizing your earnings through various methods.


72. Investment Zen

If you want to learn how to keep all the money you have earned throughout your career, Investment Zen has a thing or two to teach you.


71. Money Talks News

Over time, Money Talks has evolved into a veritable network, offering advice on almost any money and economy related subject. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on their site, which makes it ideal addition to our list of best finance, investing, and stock market blogs for beginners.

70. Gannon on Investing

Gannon on Investing is a great investment blog, offering expert advice for both beginners and expert investors, always backed up with a thorough analysis of every suggestion.


69. Invest Four More

Invest Four More and its founder Mark Ferguson focus on an area he knows the best: real estate investment. From humble beginnings, he now owns 16 rental units and employs 9 people working for him, leaving him free to spend his time with his family.


68. WalletHacks

WalletHacks ranks 68th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Jim Wang first became famous when he sold his first blog Bargainering for three million dollars. Today, he mostly writes about how to become a successful blogger, but he also keeps WalletHacks blog, where he offers advice on personal finance.


67. Money Girl

Money Girl is a podcast by Laura Adams, a personal finance expert offering practical advice on various topics regarding everyday money handling.


66. Planting Money Seeds

Miranda Marquit, the founder of Planting Money Seeds, holds an MA in Journalism, but over the years she has established herself as an expert on personal finance and e-commerce.


65. Retire Before Dad

Can you manage to retire before your father? According to the Retire Before Dad blog, it isn’t as hard as you might think it is.


64. Smart Passive Income

Learn how to create strong passive income streams that will let you spend your time the way you want with Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income blog.


63. Len Penzo blog

Len Penzo has been described by CBS MoneyWatch as one of “the best people to follow for money tips and tricks.” That is a very high praise and it is completely warranted.


62. Millennial Money

Millennial Money makes it obvious who their target demographics are and their posts are tailored to millennials specifically.


61. Squawkfox

Squawkfox ranks 61st in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Kerry K. Taylor’s Squawkfox has been declared the best Canadian financial blog in 2010.


60. The Digerati Life

Apart from the usual tips and tricks for personal finance, the Digerati Life also offers advice on things like how to start your home business aimed at the beginners, which comes really handy.


59. Ideal REI

Another blog dedicated to becoming financially independent through real estate investment. Learn how to go acquire your first rental unit, maintain it and pay low taxes on it.


58. Mitlin Financial Blog

Mitlin Financial blog isn’t really dedicated to absolute beginners in the world of finance, but their articles do have a dose of insight only an insider can provide and are worth reading.


57. My 1st Million at 33

Well, the title really says it all. If you want to know the details, head over there and start reading. Not updated in a while, but old posts are still golden.

firts million

56. Retire by 40

Let’s be honest here, we all want this. Joe Udo did it in 38, so you might want to see how he did it.


55. Saving Advice

Saving Advice ranks 55th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Saving Advice blog is loaded with practical tips on how to save money and make it last longer.


54. The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz’s blog The Big Picture is aimed at people looking to increase their wealth by smart investments. He offers tips on the latest Wall Street deals and opportunities.


53. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey offers advice on various aspects of personal finance, including debt, savings, budgeting, insurance and plenty of others. He also organizes classes for beginners where he teaches the basics of personal finance.


52. The Everyday Economist

Josh Hendrickson teaches economics at the University of Mississippi. On his blog, he explains the economic terms in a way everyone can understand.


51. The Military Wallet

Founded by an ex-USAF mechanic Ryan Guina, The Military Wallet aims to educate members (and ex-members) of military forces how to manage their money and learn about their benefits.


50. Disease Called Debt

Having trouble paying off your debts? Disease Called Debt is loaded with tips on how to cure yourself of that affliction, which is why it found a place among 100 best finance, investing, and stock market blogs for beginners.


49. Good Financial Cents

Yes, the pun is awful, but at least the advice they provide for beginners are legit. Just pretend you didn’t see the blog title.


48. Crossing Wall Street

When someone beats S&P500 in 7 out of the last 8 years, it would seem that person knows what he’s doing. Eddy Elfenbein offers his reader a chance to see how he thinks and operates as an investor.


47. Nerd’s Eye View

Michael Kitces mostly writes about investing, but he also covers other topics, like government regulations that affect those investments.


46. Seeking Alpha

A blog written by a large group of authors, Seeking Alpha has some amazing insight into the world of investing.


45. The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus teach people through their podcast how to live quality lives without spending a fortune of consumer goods. It is a great place for people looking to get their personal finances in order and save money.


44. The Penny Hoarder

The title isn’t really promising, but the Penny Hoarder has some great tips on how to balance your personal finance.


43. Listen Money Matters

Another personal finance blog teaching beginners how to reduce their debt and increase their earnings through smart budgeting.


42. Millennial Money Man

Paying off $40,000 in student loans in just two years and on a teacher’s salary doesn’t have to involve black magic or sacrificing your first born. Millennial Money Man can teach you how.


41. Well Kept Wallet

From buying groceries on a budget to selling your clothes online, Well Kept Wallet has plenty of tips on keeping your personal finances in order.


40. RETipster

RETipster ranks 40th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. RETipster is a great place for people looking to get involved with real estate investments on a part-time basis.


39. Musings on Markets

If you want to learn about the world of corporate finance, Musings on Markets is a great place to start.


38. Money for the Rest of Us

Not sure how to proceed with your investments? Money for the Rest of Us is a great sounding board for any ideas and questions you may have.


37. The Dividend Guy Blog

Despite the change of ownership in 2010, The Dividend Guy Blog remains an excellent source of information on the market for both beginners and experienced traders.


36. Money Crashers

Featured on CNN and Forbes, Money Crashers gives advice on banking, personal finance, even home improvements. Their posts make for a very diverse reading.


35. The White Coat Investor

The investments tips aimed at doctors seems like a pretty specialized field, but Jim Dahle’s advice can also benefit other high-income individuals unsure how to best invest their money.


34. Ms. Cheat Sheet

Kathryn Cicoletti is a former investment analyst who decided that giving out advice on investments with a healthy dose of humor is a far better use of her time. We tend to agree with her.


33. Financial Ducks in A Row

Financial Ducks in A Row blog attempts to teach you how to do exactly that: get your money in order so you have a healthy retirement or kids’ education fund, which is why it is invaluable on our best finance, investing, and stock market blogs for beginners.


32. Passive Income Dude

Passive Income Dude has set a goal for himself of retiring at the age of 42 (he’s currently 32.) He documents his financial decisions and beginners can really benefit from his trial-and-error approach to personal finance.


31. Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance

Barbara Friedberg’s blog is filled with practical advice on how to increase your wealth through responsible and smart personal finance approach.


30. StockTrader

Together with in-depth analysis and stock recommendations, Blain Reinkensmeyer also offers several educational resources on his site that are essential to any would-be investor.


29. Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge ranks 29th in our list of the 100 best personal finance, investing and investment advice blogs for beginners. Zero Hedge mainly deals in economic news and analysis, which are essential if you are planning on staying on top of the market.


28. Shark Investor

Shark investor teaches you the basics, like how to spot trends and profit from them.


27. Mindfully Investing

Based on the principles of Buddhist teachings, Mindfully Investing tries to transplant those techniques into the modern-day stock trading.

mindfully investing

26. Novel Investor

Novel Investor teaches us that, in order to master the art of investing, we first must conquer the basic stuff, like savings, taxes, and retirement.

novel investor

25. Naked Capitalism

If you want to learn how real capitalism in America functions, then Naked Capitalism is obligatory reading.


24. The Reformed Broker

Josh Brown’s The Reformed Broker is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and as such in a position to obtain valuable insight into the world of investing, which can prove crucial for all beginner investors.


23. Simply Investing

Simply Investing ranks 23rd in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Simply Investing is a blog written by Kanwal Sarai, a renowned investing coach offering courses on how to become a successful investor.

simply investing

22. My Stock Market Basics

Aimed at people who aren’t really sure how Wall Street functions, My Stock Market Basics will help you create your own investment strategy.


21. Money After Graduation

Can you become rich young? Bridget Casey, the founder of Money after Graduation seems to think so and is willing to share her knowledge.


20. Mr. Money Mustache

Early retirement isn’t some far-fetched dream, but in order to achieve it, you have to make some sacrifices, as Mr. Money Mustache teaches us. It may sound aggressive at times, but that is what makes it a great finance, investing, and stock market blog for beginners.


19. Frugalwoods

Frugalwoods ranks 19th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. If living on a homestead and making it through life in the most frugal way possible is something that appeals to you, Frugalwoods is a perfect blog for you.


18. 20s Money

Tailored for freshly out of college people, ready to plunge into wealth building right from the get-go, 20s Money is a great resource for newly-minted adults.


17. Budgets Are Sexy

From free budget templates to best personal finance apps, Budgets Are Sexy has a wide selection of helpful tips that will help you keep your home budgets balanced. Maybe we should sign up Congress to their newsletter.

budgets are sexy

16. Cash Cow Couple

Cash Cow Couple is a blog written by a husband and a wife (Jacob and Vanessa and), which started as a testimony of their journey to a debt-free and financially independent living.


15. Cash Money Life

Money management and investments are the main focus of Cash Money Life blog, but there are also other topics on site.


14. Five Cent Nickel

Five Cent Nickle offers guides on almost any financial topic, from how to become a millionaire to getting out of debt and achieving financial independence.


13. Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules ranks 13th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Despite the title, Frugal Rules offers a lot more than just tips on frugal living.


12. Money Peach

Getting out of debt and paycheck to paycheck lifestyle has been Chris Peach’s dream. On his blog Money Peach, you can find out how he achieved it.


11. My Money Blog

Early retirement through smart investing and money saving is the leitmotif of My Money Blog.


10. Planting Dollars

Planting Dollars is a blog documenting its author’s journey to financial independence by the age of 30.

planting dollars

9. The Online Investing AI

If you are interested how technology can help you make successful investments, then Online Investing AI is a perfect blog for you.


8. The Simple Dollar

Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Time magazine, the Simple Dollar offers advice on banking and investment.


7. Afford Anything

Afford Anything is a blog built around a simple premise that states that you can afford anything you want, but not everything you want.


6. Money Under 30

From increasing your credit rating to selecting the best music streaming service, Money Under 30 has a wide selection of tips for their target audience.


5. Oblivious Investor

Mike Piper’s Oblivious Investor is one of the best beginner investor blogs out there, especially for people who can’t be bothered to check how their stocks perform every hour.


4. The College Investor

The College Investor ranks 4th in our list of the 100 best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners. Geared towards millennials, the College Investor focuses on beginner investments, college debt, and increasing your income.


3. Wise Bread

Wise Bread ranks 3rd in our list of 100 best personal finance and investing blogs in 2017. Wise Bread’s motto is Living Large on a Small Budget. While the statement is quite bold, with the help of their writers and experts, this blog delivers on their promises.


2. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is a blog written by a group of authors that offers advice on savings, insurance, mortgage, and other personal finance topics.

get rich

1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich

And the top spot among our 100 best finance, investing, and investment advice blogs for beginners list goes to I Will Teach You to Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi. Sethi’s blog comes recommended by several of our sources as a definite guide on enlarging your wealth.

i will teach