Facebook, Inc (FB): Pushing Hard to Woo Content Creators

Great news for all of the content creators on Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and other platforms, as instead of just gaining subscribers like on other platforms, Facebook is now paying content creators for the content that attracts the most advertisers. You can see examples of this in our most popular funny facebook pages article.

In an interview with Emily Chang on ’Bloomberg Technology’, Ben Lerer, the CEO of Group Nine Media, a new digital media company, discussed the issue that big brands and big TV companies have had over the last couple of years with Facebook advertising and the upsides that Facebook will provide in the future.

According to him, bigger platforms such as Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google have been taking over TV marketing. In his opinion, companies like this should be paying more attention to premium content, which is more important to advertisers.

As for the advertisement, Ben Lerer also spoke about the deranged hierarchy in the digital world and the inequity towards media brands, since all the earnings from the advertisers are actually sinking into the platforms and not the content creators.

“If you are looking how the TV has traditionally been bought advertisers are buying directly from the cable networks, yet, in digital, the ecosystem is set up so that you are buying from the platforms, rather than from the media brands,” Lerer said.

But he also states that better days are coming for media brands, as Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is slowly but steadily starting a new policy where part of the income coming from advertisers will sink into the content creators’ accounts as well. For example, the new Watch button that was launched in August was designed by Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) partners that will own 55% of the total revenue, while Facebook will only keep 45% of all incomes (see the list of best selling products on Facebook).

’’In needing that new content, they started to have to share some of that pie, and that’s so what Facebook has done with the launch of Watch. Facebook is now actually starting to pay content creators for the content,” Lerer stated.

When YouTube was the only platform where video content was published, content creators were practically on their own. Nowadays, with many platforms competing for the best premium content and more advertisers, it is a great opportunity to start looking into a career as a content creator.

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