11 Most Successful Blogs in The World

The internet is full of exciting content to read and enjoy, and the most successful blogs in the world are indicative of what many people enjoy.

Blogging is now a prominent, respected, and highly popular way to write and get your thoughts and opinions out into the world. Before the super increased use of the internet, people relied on newspapers or “respected publications” to get their news and information. Blogs span a large variety of topics and anyone and everyone can create a blog about whatever they’re interested in. I read a bunch of blogs that are just random thoughts from people because I find them intriguing, but there are plenty of popular blogs about politics, fashion, travel, beauty, and more. It’s not hard to find your niche!

11 Most Successful Blogs in The World


Starting a blog is fairly easy these days, as there are a lot of platforms that allow you to just sign up and start writing. Creating a blog that’s successful, though, is a different story. Success is generally measured by readership, but it’s also measured by how well you can monetize your content. Bloggers get sponsorships and ads in order to make their blog into a full-time job. Not all bloggers do this, but many take advantages of the benefits their blog can give them. It only makes sense to try to generate money from the readership that already exists. Besides, the best jobs are the ones you’re passionate about and enjoy, so if a blogger loves to blog I don’t see why they shouldn’t try to become successful. Lifestyle is a fairly popular category, and it’d be interesting to see if any of the most successful lifestyle blogs in the world are on this more widespread list.

When looking for the most successful blogs, we took a look at some articles by The Guardian and Sparring Mind. They gave some ideas of what blogs are successful. What we did is we took the blogs mentioned on both sites and then ranked them according to their world ranking from Alexa. Alexa ranks sites based on the traffic they get, as web traffic is the best indicator of success and popularity.

If you’re looking for some new content to read online, look no further than the most successful blogs in the world.