Top 11 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality in 2017

Music junkies will appreciate this list of top 11 smartphones with the best audio quality in 2017.

Nothing beats having great music on your phone since you pretty much always have your phone on hand. Also, nothing beats the sounds of an iPhone, but that’s just my humble opinion. However, some people prefer to be rebels and choose to live life without an iPhone, which we just can’t understand. If you’re one of those people, this list is for you because it focuses on everything but the iPhone.

You could call this list one on the best smartphone for music lovers 2017, considering that’s probably the most important use of your phone’s speakers. To listen the music. Some phones are really made for music lovers as they now sell stereo speaker mobile phones. Whether you listen to rock, rap, jazz, country, pop, or classical music, your music will sound that much better with high-quality speakers. Hi-Res audio phones of 2017 sometimes offer better than CD-quality audio and in some cases are getting pretty close to the quality that artists work within the studio. So, if you want to hear what your favorite artist hears in the studio, we found the best phone for music sound quality.

Top 11 Smartphones with the Best Audio Quality in 2017

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The time when we start calling smartphones, compact supercomputers is not very far away. Every year the manufacturers are pushing the envelope further and further. Any smartphone in the market will enable you to play and listen to your music library on the go, while also doing a number of other things. But, if you are an audiophile (a hi-fi enthusiast) just being able to play the song will not do it for you. We understand that, and this is why scoured the internet in search of the best sounding phones for 2017. A phone may come with a premium price tag and all the fancy bells and whistles, but may not necessarily offer you the best audio experience. So going for a top of the line flagship smartphone is not always the best solution for audiophiles. For our research regardig smartphones with the best audio quality in 2017, we sought help from the following websites, Mobile ScoutAndroid Authority and GSM Arena. GSM Arena does extensive testing on smartphones, and one of their standard criteria is to test the smartphones for its audio quality.

When it came to ranking the phones on our list of the mobile phones with best music quality in 2017, we went with GSM Arena‘s fan system. If you really enjoy a smartphone, then you can become a fan of that smartphone and show your support. We figured that the higher the number of fans a smartphone has, the better. We are not concerned with price or overall hardware rating of a phone in this case, but just the audio quality. However, with time the fan numbers will increase, and that could affect our rating in the future. Okay, now since that’s out of the way let’s get our list of top 11 smartphones with the best audio quality in 2017 started, so you can find out what we think is the best sounding phone 2017.