11 Highest Paying Fast Food Jobs in 2017

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If you’re in need of a job that pays well, with little experience, take a look at this list of the highest paying fast food jobs in 2017.

Have you ever wondered what are the highest paying restaurant chains, or which are the lowest paying ones? Many fast food restaurants are ready to modernize their mascots or public image, although when it comes to improving low-paying jobs, they are unhappily behind the times. The main reason is how the public regards the product versus the people producing it. When we talk about the product, the answer is clear and straightforward; Americans enjoy fast food. However, when it comes to the employee, that goodwill flips faster than a greasy burger. The general public opinion is that fast-food workers are lazy, uneducated, and unmotivated to improve their life, which is just not true for the majority of workers at fast food restaurants.

The most common types of jobs among the unemployed population is working at a fast food restaurant, particularly in the States. Whether we talk about unemployed adults, a high school or college student looking for the summer seasonal job, or someone who needs some cash or immediate income, fast food jobs are the easiest to find plus they usually do not require prior experience. Fast food restaurants used to be notorious for lousy wages and lack of benefits. However, in recent years, they have improved slightly. Now, they are offering better salaries and benefits like health insurance, sick pay, or retirement options. These days it is not difficult to find the highest paying fast food jobs in 2017. 

11 Highest Paying Fast Food Jobs in 2017



There are different kinds of jobs in the fast food restaurants. Did you ever wonder about what is the easiest fast food job? In reality, none of it is really easy. It is usually hard work with little pay. As far as what is best between cooking or working as a cashier, most fast food places will not allow an employee to choose. They will train him or her for whatever job is available at the moment, first, and after a while, someone might get to learn other jobs. If someone is a talkative person, being a cashier would be a good option. If people just are not someone’s thing, then perhaps he or she should look into being a cook. However, being a grill cook is not as easy as it sounds. The food itself is easy to cook, but it is hard to keep up with lots of orders at once. That difficulty depends on the menu and whether it is prepared fresh or ahead of time. If possible, our advice is to get a job at the fast food place willing to work the schedule around the employee.

Besides low wages, the fast food business is famous for lack of promotion, long hours, stingy benefits, or even discrimination. Food Chain Workers Alliance did a report in which they found that 86.5% of employees along the whole chain of food production and commerce did not earn a livable wage. On the other hand, 79% do not get sick time, while 58% do not have health insurance.

Some years ago, fast food work was synonymous for maximum stress and a minimum wage style of life. However, that does not necessarily mean there are no exceptional companies out there attempting to flip our preconceived perceptions about burger flipping on their head. If someone is committed, possesses necessary skills, and has the appropriate kind of work attitude, he can find an adequate job and one who gives a nice salary and quality working conditions. It is important to note that relevance of pay varies depending on location and cost of living. As you can imagine, the highest paying fast food jobs in California would reflect the high cost of living in the state. 

According to employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and various surveys, several fast food chains are prominently better to work for than the others. You can find out more about it with our list of 13 Best Fast Food Chains To Work For in 2017.

For this list, we relied on Indeed, Glassdoor, and a Google Search to determine wages for the most popular fast food restaurants. We then ranked each position by hourly wage to find which fast food restaurant pays the most money. The lower the wage, the higher the job is on this list. You may notice that there are different kinds of jobs, but they are all part of the fast food business. However, we did not incorporate highest paying fast food manager jobs, as we wanted to focus on starting positions and base salaries. Speaking strictly, money-wise, all the places on this list are the best fast food places to work 2017. 

Roll your sleeves up and get ready for our list of highest paying fast food jobs in 2017.

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