10 Best Jobs for College Students that Pay $15 an Hour

Being a student does not necessarily mean that you can’t have a job, so we bring you the list of 10 best jobs for college students that pay $15 an hour.

I know it’s a little bit stressful that after a demanding day at college or after long hours spent studying, you have to dress up and go to work. It is the same thing during summer holidays when you think that you can finally rest, and then realize you actually cannot, because you have a job. However, having a job while being a college student is not always a bad idea, on the contrary. There are so many positive things in this case, and after elaborating on them a little bit, you will forget why you hated it before. First of all, you get to earn your own money and to sustain yourself. Secondly, you get working experience, and whether or not relevant to your field, it will definitely be useful. Last but not the least, you get to interact with different people depending on your job, and that is almost always positive.

10 Best Jobs for College Students that Pay $15 an Hour

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Fortunately, list of jobs for college students is very big, so students today mostly don’t need to worry when it comes to employment while studying. However, those who don’t like to interact with people a lot may always search for online jobs for students to earn money. Those online jobs may include, for example, online English teaching, but also article writing or similar jobs. The best thing is that these can be online jobs for college students with no experience, and of course, it will not bring a high salary immediately, but you have to start from something. On the other side, some of those jobs may actually be high-paying jobs college students, and especially for those who deal with web designing and programming, where it is estimated that they can earn up to $59 per hour once they become experienced. Eventually, the most important thing, whether talking about online jobs for college students or those regular ones is to find something that is not full-time and demanding so that you can find a balance between your studies and your job. It is why we also prepared the list of the best flexible highest paying part time jobs for college students in 2017. Additionally, you can check the list of the highest paying part-time jobs for college students, since you should always have more than one idea and a backup plan when searching for a job.

To make a list, I used our Insider Monkey archive, making sure to single out all those jobs that pay $15 per an hour. Additionally, I consulted websites such as Localwise and College Magazine to get some more ideas. It is important to know that the salary of $15 per an hour is not fixed, but rather an average salary for the position. These jobs on the list are the jobs that are mostly mentioned in all of these sources, and all of them can have this hourly salary, sometimes even more.

Don’t give up, work hard, and read our list of 10 best jobs for college students that pay $15 an hour.