10 Most Amazing Skydiving Spots on Earth

Feel the adrenaline rising as we present to you the most amazing skydiving spots on earth. You may get your rush from a variety of extreme sports, but nothing beats taking a high altitude plunge. And, while one needs to take into account the weather, visibility and techniques while making the jump, zeroing in on the dropzone is what every skydiver seems to plan ahead on.



That is because some places on earth are just too scenic and perfect for the best skydiving experience one hopes to attain. With our article, we are making an attempt to discover the places that can easily qualify as a skydiver’s dream-come-true.

Nothing heightens the sense of exhilaration while skydiving as an amazing view of the earth as a skydiver hangs mid-air admiring the beauty beneath. That right moment is the most rewarding thing that justifies all the risks taken and efforts made. And, the world is full of beautiful places for that amazing drop. We are just trying to round up the 10 of the most amazing skydiving spots on earth in our list. But, yes, each skydiver might have that one special place they always hope to check off their own list.

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For our list we have relied, on over 20 travel sites and taken into consideration their recommendations and rounded up the top 10 according to the number of times they have been suggested to us. That ensures we have the best ones selected for you! Here’s the list.