10 Most Popular Japanese Girl Bands

If you like girl bands, you sure won’t resist these most popular Japanese girl bands that we got listed for you!

Japanese music is slowly but steady finding its audience outside Japan in the last decade. It seems that language barriers are not a problem at all for fans of Japanese music outside its home country. Although some of the musicians are making music in English, most of them stick to their native language. That brings us to the new trend that emerged in Japanese music. All girl bands. Yes, there were always all girl bands in Japanese music, but in the last years the number is getting bigger and the girls from bands are becoming major stars.

Music4mix / Shutterstock.com

Music4mix / Shutterstock.com

Japanese girls aren’t concentrated on just one music direction (like One Direction), but you can find them in all of the genres. If you like metal, there is probably Japanese girl band who plays those loud tunes. Maybe you are more into Pussy Cat Dolls kind of thing? Worry not, there is a band in Japan full of hot girls who can move their body (more or less). However, the most popular thing in Japan when it comes to girl bands is a concept of girl bands with a large roster of performers called theater groups. These groups have a close relationship with their fans and perform daily at their designated theaters.

It wasn’t easy to determine the most popular girl bands in Japan, since there is so many of them, but at the end we figured criteria that will show us the group’s popularity. We took a list from Nikkei Entertainment magazine, one of Japan’s most prestigious magazines, who rank the girl bands every year according to their popularity in Japan. They make their lists according to conducted surveys. Furthermore we checked out the Internet’s decision, taking into consideration the girl bands on ranker’s list of most popular Japanese bands, where people can vote about their preferences.

We gave each band points for their positions and, awarded additional points for every album that was on the spot one at the Japanese charts, thus getting the following 10 Most Popular Japanese Girl Bands. Be sure to check our The Richest Bands of all Time as well.