25 Countries That Spend The Most On Food: US Isn’t One Of ‘Em

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While you might think that spending more on food is a positive statistic, the 25 countries that spend the most on food can assure you that isn’t true. Food is a precious commodity, and even though the world produces enough food to feed every single one of the 7 billion people in the world, over 800 million people are starving because the resources are not used or allocated evenly across the globe. If you want to know about the top meat consuming countries on the other hand, you can simply go to the 10 countries that eat the most meat.

Countries with Highest Food Allergies

The countries that spend a high portion of their total income are generally developing countries. These include the likes of Pakistan, where people spend over 40% of their income on food alone. However, that does not mean that they spend more than most countries do. In fact, they only spend $923 per annum per person on food, which is considerably low, especially when compared with other countries which spend thousands of dollars per person per annum on food. However, since the per capita income is extremely low in Pakistan while inflation has ensured that the cost of food is high, a large portion of their income is spent on food alone, leaving little for anything else.

The above example shows that there is a stark contrast between the percentage of income spent on food when compared with the total money spent on food by countries. Hence, while either criterion fails to grasp properly the 25 countries that spend the most on food, combining both criteria, and then creating a unique ranking will allow for a clearer picture, which is exactly why this is the methodology followed by us. Combining both criteria has allowed for the biases of each criterion to be cancelled out by the other, resulting in unique and substantially more accurate rankings as well. We used information collected by the United States Department of Agriculture in 86 countries worldwide to assist in our rankings.

25. Norway

Percentage of income spent on food: 12.3

Ranking according to percentage of income spent on food: 74

Total amount spent on food: $4,454

Ranking according to total amount spent on food: 1

Rubio Lu/Shutterstock.com

Rubio Lu/Shutterstock.com

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