11 Most Expensive Acoustic Guitars in the World

Which are the 11 Most Expensive Acoustic Guitars in the World? Some people collect art, others collect antiques, and others are on the look for unique instruments around. Some of them you can find at our 11 Most Expensive Guitars in the World list.

Theeradech Sanin/Shutterstock.com

Theeradech Sanin/Shutterstock.com

Searching through the Internet for the most expensive acoustic guitars, we couldn’t find any concrete results. We went through blog posts like the ones done by Vintage Guitar, Leftyfretz, The Momi, and Christie’s, amongst others. Surprisingly, not all of these instruments were necessarily owned by a celebrity, where you could expect really high prices, or sold at an auction. Instead, this article also includes items that are available in manufacturer product lines. This list was done selecting the most expensive items sold (at auctions or private sales) and estimates of the actual price of some of these items, as the values have surely changed over time. 

11. 1950 Stromberg Master 400


Hank Risan, guitar collector, sold this piece to an anonymous collector for $140,000. Today, fewer than 300 Stromberg guitars remain available.

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