5 Easiest Daedric Artifacts To Get in Skyrim

It’s been four years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has seen the light of day and not counting The Elder Scrolls Online, it is the latest installment in The Elder Scrolls series, and this is why we are honoring the game 4 years after the initial release by compiling the list of 5 easiest Daedric artifacts to get in Skyrim.

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Adam Ziaja / Shutterstock.com

Adam Ziaja / Shutterstock.com

First of all, let us determine which of the artifacts qualify for Daedric artifacts list. Daedric weaponry and armory which you can create by yourself using Daedric heart and a considerable amount of ebony ingots clearly doesn’t qualify. Yes, it is hard to obtain the ingredients and even harder to reach the smithing level that actually allows you to craft Daedric weapons and armor, but the fact that you can craft them by yourself clearly makes them easier to obtain eventually. Daedric artifacts inside the game are actually very few and far in between. In order to obtain them, you have to complete a Daedric quest which is a specific, often difficult task. Sixteen Daedric princes (of seventeen in total) have a Daedric artifact attributed to them inside Skyrim. Jyggalag is the only Daedric prince in Skyrim without proper manifestation in the world through an artifact.

Even though some of Daedric artifacts are easier to find than other, obtaining either one of these won’t be a stroll in the park. We’ll compile the list of 5 easiest Daedric artifacts to get in Skyrim by determining the lowest recommended level as well as looking at how many opponents you’re about to face while completing the quest. These parameters can easily pinpoint how much time-consuming a quest can be, as well as how hard it ultimately is. Finally, bear in mind that playing the game on easiest difficulties will make every single quest easy as well. In order to fully grasp the difficulty of obtaining a Daedric artifact, try finishing the quests with Master or Legendary difficulty sliders.