11 Biggest Farms in the World

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These 11 biggest farms in the world are responsible for most of the world’s agricultural production. The importance of farming in a country is definitely something that’s often overlooked or undervalued. A good percentage of a country’s economy and growth is attributed to how well the agricultural industry is doing. We also wouldn’t be enjoying the meals and food we have today if it wasn’t for a bustling industry that has taken advantage of people’s constant demand. Imagine how much food is supplied to your local McDonalds daily or how much food is stocked in supermarkets week in and week out. The number and size of these farms help supply the global demand.

You can even define the quality of food you get depending on which country it originated from. For example, quality beef is known to come from countries like Japan and some tropical countries are known to deliver the best fruits and vegetables. Even the quality of food in the US is based on how strong the agricultural sector is in the country. There are many big farms there and you can find out more about them in our list of the 10 Largest Farming States in the US.

This list is ranked according to the size occupied by each farm. You’ll find that these farms span millions of acres and most of them are cattle farms. Cattle farms seem to be the kind of farms that occupy space the most. Most of these large farms are located in two countries and you’ll find out more about them as we start this list of 11 biggest farms in the world:

11. Brunette Downs

Area: 3.01 million acres

Brunette Downs is the third largest farm in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is currently owned by the Australian Agricultural Company and the size of the farm is said to be even bigger than some countries in the world. There are three different breeds of cattle being taken care of here. There have also been numerous owners of the area as the land has been in transactions since the late 1800s.

Biggest Farms in the World


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