25 Most Sexually Active Cities in America

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Do you know which are the most sexually active cities in America?

Did you notice how people get either confused or overly talkative when someone mentions sex? Extroverts are more open to talk about it, while introverts are usually blushing, once it is out “on the table.” Either way, sex is unavoidable topic in any society. But, when it comes to measuring what the most sexually active country or most sexually active city in the world is, the direct indicators are hard to find. To question all citizens of one city or a country about their sexual activity is definitely a mission impossible; not to mention there is a (huge) question mark over the honesty of the respondents. However, people still write about it. For example, the Time wrote about most sexually satisfied cities, while on the Culture Trip you can find suggestions which are the most popular Tinder cities.

Most Sexually Active Cities in America


To compile our today’s list, we took suggestions from various sources. First, we checked which are America’s most sexually satisfied cities and most sex-happy cities. Next, we searched for the cities that buy the most condoms, and we ended our search with Lazeeva’s study about most sex-positive cities in the world. This study was particularly interesting as it defines sex-positiveness as “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.” The researchers ranked the cities in the world according to sexual activity, sex toy consumption, and porn consumption, to name a few. Once we collected the twenty-five most mentioned cities from these lists, we ranked them according to the Background Checks’ ranking of the most sexually diseased states in the U.S., based on the latest CDC’s findings. After all, the more sex, the higher the chances of getting an STD.

If you were wondering, what are the easiest cities to get laid in the world, well, they are somewhere in Colombia or Thailand, at least according to our article we wrote a while ago. As for America — today’s list will provide you with answers. Some of the most sexually active colleges in USA are probably in the cities below. Moreover, are these cities on the list of most sexually active cities in the world as well? Check out by yourselves! In the meantime, read about least sexually active cities in America.

Let us now start with the list of the most sexually active cities in America.

25. Washington D.C.

We are starting off with the least sexually active city on our list. However, according to the Bustle research, 26% of people in Washington D.C. buy Magnum condoms.

Most Sexually Active Cities in America

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