10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

If you are an electrical engineer, or if you plan to become one in the future, make sure to check the list of 10 highest paying countries for electrical engineers.

The best thing about being an engineer is the fact that we live in the world that develops so quickly, and every country is in a high demand of various engineers. However, not every country is able to provide the same conditions in terms of salary, so it is always important to think in advance if you plan to move for work. The differences in salaries may be enormous, and that is why we buckled down to provide you with the best possible solutions in terms of the salary. This list is focused on electrical engineers, but if you are interested in software engineering, don’t worry, we have something for you! Check our list of 12 Highest Paying Countries for Software Engineers and you will find what you need.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers


If there were no electrical engineers, we would not have our phones, computers or any other gadgets that we use on a daily basis, since all of them depend on electrical systems developed by engineers. However, the best thing about being an electrical engineer is the fact that after becoming one, the world becomes small to you – you immediately have all doors open, with enormous global opportunities. On the other side, make sure to get some of the relevant experience before starting to explore the world, since it is going to be really useful and it will single you out from all of the other candidates.

One of the great things about this job is also the fact that you can never be bored, because new things and innovations come day-by-day. You will never work with the same components for a year, because they are modified and reinvented constantly. However, this also gives you the responsibility to follow the pace of those changes.

In order to provide the best possible options for electrical engineers in terms of living conditions, we examined many countries throughout the world, making sure to focus on those most developed and successful. In the end, we reduced the number to 20, out of which we provided the final list, with the focus on the average annual salary. PayScale was the most important source of information in this regard.

So, if you strive to gain international experience, or just want to move to the place that offers better paycheck and conditions, this is the best list you can read today since it will inform you about the 10 highest paying countries for electrical engineers.

10. Sweden

Average annual salary: $50,785

We are starting our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers with Sweden that is probably one of the best European countries for living and working, and this does not refer only to electrical engineers. However, if you are one, don’t hesitate to get more information about the companies from Sweden that are willing to hire electrical engineers from abroad. Our suggestion is to start looking for job advertisements as soon as possible since there are many opportunities. Working in this country does not provide you only with an excellent salary, but also with a great health care system, a lot of paid holidays and a great environment in terms of friendly and easy-going people.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

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9. Luxembourg

Average annual salary: $51,458

What possibly would a small country like Luxembourg have to offer to electrical engineers? Believe it or not, many things that some other bigger countries wouldn’t. If you try and search all of the opportunities that you as an electrical engineer have in Luxembourg, you will be amazed by the number of possibilities that this country gives you. Employees here are well respected, with a bunch of privileges and they don’t need to worry about the future. This country is a great opportunity for electrical engineers, and with an average monthly salary of $4,300, you should not think twice, so start looking for the job immediately.

8. Germany

Average annual salary: $52,987

Up next in our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers is Germany that is one of the countries that has the best performance in terms of employment of electrical engineers, and electrical engineering industry is actually considered to be the second largest industrial branch in this country. If you look at it only from this point of view, it would be enough to start learning German and search for the job. Additionally, it is one of the highest paying countries, which is one more reason to take it into consideration.  Germany is always in a high demand for quality electrical engineers, and if you have experience and good recommendations, the doors of this country are always open.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers


7. Norway

Average annual salary: $55,145

This country is one of the wealthiest European countries, and it is not strange that it took the place on our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers. Many people, not just electrical engineers, decide to search for jobs there, but since this country is highly developed, it is in the constant need of quality and experienced electrical engineers. Living and working in this country can be a really pleasant and amazing experience, and the fact that this country is one of the most convenient for families will make you think more about this option. Many people here speak English, but make sure to start learning the language and apply for some amazing job positions.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

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6. Finland

Average annual salary: $58,085

Don’t forget to put this country on your personal list of potential countries to work abroad, since Finland actually has a high demand to recruit people from different countries, especially from the engineering sector. If you think about the great working conditions that this country offers, you will realize that moving there can probably be one of the best resolutions of your life. With Nokia on top, Finland is considered to be among the most technologically advanced nations in the world, so anyone would be more than proud to get the chance to work there. If you are an experienced electrical engineer, start learning the language and let yourself live the life from your dreams in Finland.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

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5. Australia

Average annual salary: $59,321

Australia is a country where it is guaranteed that all workers are treated in the best possible manner, paid fairly and generously, and provided with security in any possible way. If you take into consideration these things, and if you add the fact that Australia is among 10 highest paying countries for electrical engineers, you should not think twice, and should immediately start searching for the job. Plus, you don’t need to know any other languages besides English, which is a great opportunity. The best areas to look for the job in Australia are aerospace, architecture, automotive, building services, and rail.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

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4. Denmark

Average annual salary: $61,245

What you will probably hear from most of the expats in Denmark, the next one in our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers is that they enjoy being fully appreciated as employees, no matter their position and the field they work at. This is one of the countries that have the best performance in terms of respecting human rights, and since it is also one of the most technologically advanced countries as well, the need for electrical engineers is on the top of the scale. As an electrical engineer, you are immediately on the positive list regarding the work permit in Denmark, since electrical engineers are among those professions that are in deficit. Working in a country such as Denmark means being fully respected, so think about it, while learning the language.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers

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3. Israel

Average annual salary: $63,786

Israel ranks 3rd in our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers and it is a country with the fastest growing industry, and day by day the number of employment opportunities increases enormously, which should motivate all of the electrical engineers worldwide to check some of the job vacancies in this country. There are companies who target professional and highly skilled electrical engineers, with relevant background and experience, and there are many positions that still wait to be filled, so you may be one of the lucky people to get the chance. Israel has a tendency to become one of the most important world’s technology centers, so being a part of it can be an amazing thing and a great way to do something for your future.

2. United States

Average annual salary: $70,158

Regarding the United States that’s up next in our list of highest paying countries for electrical engineers, electrical engineers are in a high demand, especially in industries including research and development, engineering services, manufacturing, telecommunications, the federal government and many other sectors. In general, students of electrical engineering in this country are highly motivated to be successful, while those who are already employed work hard to keep their positions, to gather experience and progress in the field. Being an electrical engineer in the US is an enormously appreciated job, which is obvious from the salary that is offered on the annual level, and put the United States at the second place of the list.

1. Switzerland

Average annual salary: $79,254

Surprisingly or not, Switzerland definitely has the highest annual salary for electrical engineers. Knowing this fact, many electrical engineers will be interested in searching for the job there, which is probably a great idea. Switzerland is the country where the fifth of the population are foreigners, so anyone is welcomed, especially people with the degree that they are in deficit with, including engineers. Getting the job in Switzerland should not be hard at all, so don’t wait a moment and start searching for one. Remember, with the average annual salary of $79,254, this country is the first on the list of the highest paying countries for electrical engineers.

10 Highest Paying Countries for Electrical Engineers