12 High Paying Part-time Jobs for Students in London

If you’re heading to Oxford it’s time to check out the high paying part-time jobs for students in London. Whether you’re going to college in the city of London or just outside, you need to make some cold hard cash for your cold wet beer. You also need it for other luxuries like rent.

I remember one of my favorite jobs in college. I was in charge of taking minutes at the Student Government meetings. Yes, I got paid for that. It’s pretty amazing that you essentially are being paid to eavesdrop. Considering that debates would get pretty heated this was certainly a more interesting pursuit than swiping people into the physical fitness center. Plus, I spent enough time there.

Living in the dorms and being on the meal plan kept my costs low. Not everyone has that opportunity. At my college over 90% of people lived in dorms all 4 years–it may or may not have had something to do with the fact that I went to school in Manhattan, so exorbitant dorm prices beat out exorbitant rent prices. I remember scrounging for change to get snacks from the vending machine, going to any meeting involving pizza, and illegally hoarding food from the cafeteria and other Animal House-style boilerplate college money-saving antics. Still, rent and food are another aspect of college you have to consider–especially since the average rent in London is $400-$950 dollars a month–depending on whether or not you have roommates.

12 High Paying Part-time Jobs for Students in London

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My least favorite job was probably stuffing envelopes for a doctor in his apartment with his family members. It was a part-time job offered on the school’s website, even though it was for a role not exactly at the school. He was pretty cool, it was just a bit weird to be sitting at a stranger’s dining room table folding papers. However, it DID allow me to make a few extra bucks which I’m sure I promptly spent on enormous pizza slices or maybe I splurged and bought a roast beef sandwich from the fancier deli–or even a wrap! There was a heavenly wrap store nearby my campus that is now sadly closed. Clearly, my priority is food, not booze; I was not the most exciting college student. You never know, maybe I spent a bit of my part-time job money on a plastic bottle of alcohol; thanks for the memories, Georgi!

According to PintPrice, the average cost of a lager in Oxford is £4. So you better get working! If you are looking for work leave no stone unturned. You can also choose among our 11 Easy High Paying Jobs for College Students.

Certainly, the first place to look is the career center at your school. They often have jobs available on-campus–as I mentioned see if weirdo notetaker is available! However, they get filled up quickly. Also, you may need different hours or to make more money that those positions would allow. The way we came up with our list of high paying part-time jobs for students in London was to include different types of high paying part-time jobs available in London. Then we based the salary stats on an hourly rate here on Indeed. You can choose various jobs here and see which one works for your interests and schedule.

Let’s check out our list of high paying part-time jobs for students in London.