10 Best Rated Biggest Home Builders In USA

The 10 best rated biggest home builders in USA have helped realize the dreams of millions of people to own and live in their own home. A home is a reflection of yourself much more that bricks and mortar and you would want your dream home to be modern, exciting and vibrant. Today’s modern home is not just about its location, design and layout but it is also about being smart. Builders have adapted themselves to the changing needs of the society in constructing houses that are energy efficient.

After the real estate bubble burst in the U.S. housing prices reached new lows in 2012. This was a big loss to these 10 best rated biggest home builders in USA. The 10 biggest construction companies in the US were also adversely hit. But the industry has recovered and the housing forecast is looking strong beyond 2017. Home sales of 6-6.5 million are estimated for 2017.

The housing sector plays a dominant role in the US economy. Residential investment contributed to approximately half of the increase in real GDP, in the first quarter of 2016. It is also projected that more than 150,000 new homes will be constructed annually by 2024. US jobs are also expected to increase under the Trump administration which should further increase the discretionary spending. This is a great sign for the housing industry.

10 Best Rated Biggest Home Builders In USA

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If you are looking at moving into a new house, you can find the list of 10 best rated biggest home builders in USA over the next few pages. The list is inspired by Builder Magazine’s award Builder 100, which recognizes the leading home builders across the U.S., based on annual closings and gross revenue.  Since the companies’ fiscal years vary, we have ranked the companies based on the total closings for 2015.