10 Biggest Constructions Projects in the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza or the Taj Mahal – as amazing and huge constructions they may be, on our list of the 10 biggest construction projects in the world there are only contemporary buildings.

Humanity has always aspired to leave a mark on this planet. Now we are aware that the Great  Chinese Wall cannot actually be seen from the Moon, though it certainly was a great idea. I am almost positive the wall’s architect and commissioner had something like that in mind. Apparently, we have the need to construct huge projects. What is the reason behind it all? Could it be that by building something so majestic we are (sub)consciously trying to deal with our own mortality? Or is it just our ego that needs some kind of a confirmation for everyone to see and admire? Perhaps a bit of both. Either way, we have to be grateful because it prompted some of the biggest, but also most beautiful projects worldwide.

It would be lovely to say that the beauty and expansiveness of the objects were enough to make sure everything went as planned. If you have ever tried to build a house or a flat, or bought one under construction, you are only too aware of all the things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in 10 Worst Construction Accidents in History. Don’t worry, if you have a bad stomach, in this article we are not going to astound you with such facts.



Now let’s see how we chose the 10 biggest construction projects in the world. I dare say the choice was not easy. With so many gorgeous and gigantic man-made wonders it is hard to opt for just ten of them. We searched the World Atlas, Popular Mechanic, Quora and Dienamics for suggestions and took our picks based on how prominent they were in different lists of most impressive buildings. Next, we explored other sites, such as BBC, which gave us more detailed information on a particular object. Secondly, the biggest constructions shouldn’t be regarded as the biggest mass of concrete, don’t you agree? Should that be the case, the question arises whether the ground, water, or air space belonging to them be included in their size? Also, should we take into consideration the tallest among them all or those that occupy the biggest ground area?

Therefore, we’ve concluded that it is ungratifying to compare the constructions in those oversimplified ways. It only seemed fair then to take different categories and find the largest construction for each one of them. To make the article more gripping, we also bore in mind how much they affect people’s lives with their existence. Another criterion was how likely it is that you might visit them someday, if not already. Hence the biggest airport to read about. On your holiday you might stay in the world’s largest hotel. Football fans will definitely approve of the part about the world’s biggest stadium. But we are getting carried away. Without further ado, here are the ten biggest construction projects in the world that we chose to include in our list.