5 Easiest GPS Devices To Use For Hunting and Fishing

Today we are going to look into the easiest GPS Devices to use for hunting and fishing. They are an awesome thing to have and will surely make your outdoor adventures far more pleasant.

GPS stands for the “Global Positioning System”, a navigation system that is made by a network of 30 satellites. Like many other great technologies, GPS exist thanks to the United States military. In the ’60s and 70’s the U.S. military started working on the satellite navigation systems, eventually developing GPS. Although the system was intended for military purposes only, in the ’80s it became available for civilians as well. You only needed to own a GPS device, which was really expensive at the time. After an increase in the popularity of GPS devices, the number of manufacturers steadily increased which brought us to a point that now almost everyone can own a GPS device.

5 Easiest GPS Devices To Use For Hunting and Fishing

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You’ve must be wondering how GPS devices work. Well, the satellites that are part of the global positioning system have a precise orbit and circle the planet twice a day. Each satellite sends a unique signal including orbital parameters which are then picked up by a GPS device. The device uses signals from multiple satellites and calculates the exact location of GPS receiver.

Although most people use the GPS devices to help them find their way with a car, they are a must have for anyone who wishes to engage in outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking and similar. If hunting and guns, in general, are your thing, you might be interested in our list of 10 Easiest Countries to Buy a Gun in the World. Back on the main topic – even if you know the area, things tend to get messy when the sun goes down. Your smartphone can be helpful, since all new phones are equipped with GPS technology, but they have some issues. First, the smartphone batteries are not good and the phone can die up on you when you need it the most. Also, smartphone GPS application won’t be able to do you any well if you run out of a cell signal without having a previously downloaded map of the area.

In order to create our list of easiest GPS Devices to use for hunting and fishing, we looked for the best GPS devices recommended by Hunting GPS Maps, Pick a Bow, and Fishing Picks among others. Then, we checked the reviews for recommended devices and singled out ones that were labeled as “easy to use” with “user-friendly interface”. After that, the GPS devices were ranked according to the rating of Amazon users, and the top 5 entered our list. Let’s check them out.