20 Best English Karaoke Songs with Lyrics

If you are planning a karaoke party, make sure you have the 20 best English karaoke songs with lyrics in your playlist.

Today, in the 21st century we have all kinds of different technology for medicine, music, movie, engineering and other fields. The technology plays a huge role in the music industry development which is the main reason why it developed the most in the last 15 years. Today, there are even step by step tutorials about how to become a musician, unlike a few years back when you had to learn it the hard way, by practice and your own experience.


20 Best English Karaoke Songs with Lyrics

Your vocal capabilities don’t matter and how good or bad you sound either, it is very important just to sing every once in a while. Signing is giving an aerobic activity to your heart and lungs. While singing your brain is releasing ‘feel-good’ chemicals like endorphins, it is relaxing and it is allowing you to express yourself. Among other things, singing is building confidence and has a natural beauty treatment because when you sing, you are exercising your facial muscles.

Many pubs, clubs and private parties are organizing karaoke parties in order to give their guests a better time. However, it is not a problem at all to organize a karaoke party with your friends, family or boyfriend at home where you can relax and be yourself. The fun will be guaranteed. The best karaoke songs are changing from season to season, from year to year. If you want to see what are the 10 Most Popular Karaoke Songs of 2016, check our list, maybe it will remind you of the time you had at the karaoke party last year.

In order to create our list of 20 best English karaoke songs with lyrics, we used Lucky Voice Karaoke, Spinditty, Mental Floss and Thought Catalog as our sources. We took the highest ranked songs on our sources. The higher one song was listed on our sources, the higher spot it secured on our list of best English karaoke songs with lyrics as well. Now that you know for sure these are the best songs, let’s jump to our list and complete that playlist.