12 Computer Science Activities for Elementary Students

Looking for some computer science activities for elementary students? Good, you’ve come to the right place!

While demand for IT experts is growing globally, and while children are getting introduced to computers and other electronic devices from the youngest age, it’s, therefore, reasonable to start learning computer science very early, which is why we have prepared some great suggestions for interesting computer science activities for young pupils.

A good method was developed for children to understand the computer science, it is more and more widely used, and that is learning computer science without a computer! This method, also known as the unplugged computer science, has shown great success, and it is also widely used in the number one country in education, Finland. That’s why we have focused both on activities you can do on a computer, but also ones children can do without them. If you prefer the former, then also check out 6 Free Coding Websites for Kids to find some fun and educational animation for your children.

12 Computer Science Activities for Elementary Students


There are many ways by which elementary school children can have fun and simultaneously learn computer science, usually organized in the form of a game. That can be a computer game, or as we mentioned above, games and activities that do not involve computers. These activities are also great for developing logic and fast problem-solving skills in children.

Computer science activities are an introductory approach to children demystifying programming and bringing it to fun and simple level. There are many books and guides for teachers and parents on computer science both with and without using a computer in activities. For some guidance on the vast choice of computer science activities for elementary students we started off with Google CS First, Kids Codecs and CS Unplugged. Perhaps the CS Unplugged gives the best overview of computer science activities without a computer, we have picked the most interesting of them, but be sure to check out the others too.

We’ve tried to choose some fun activities from different spheres of computer science, like algorithms, data manipulation, coding, graphics, etc. Let the fun start, and take a look at some interesting computer science activities for elementary students.