10 Best Countries for African Americans to Visit

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We’ve prepared some fresh vacation ideas that welcome people of African descent so take a look at 10 best countries for African Americans to visit and plan your next trip.

Many people fear international traveling due to various reasons. It is no secret that humans are prone to prejudices and that they make certain conclusions based entirely on misconceptions and ignorance. This is a shame because the world is beautiful and there are so many stunning places we should see and things we should experience. We should meet other cultures and their beautiful and interesting customs, and no silly prejudices should prevent that.

When it comes to the African American community, it is quite understandable that some would refrain from visiting a country believed to be a little bit racist. Unfortunately, bigotry and ignorance persist in some parts of the world even though we have evolved and advanced so much in every possible field. These places remain a little bit prejudiced against other races or religions due to lack of contact with other cultures. But it’s not only isolated or ignorant places that are prejudiced; sometimes discrimination comes from educated people with important political functions. That said, it is believed that some of the worst countries for black tourists include Indonesia and South Korea, while many also still discuss that some parts of the USA may be struggling with discrimination against people of African descent. You can read more about countries with discrimination issues in 13 Worst Countries in Europe and Asia for Black People to Live and Visit.

best countries for African Americans to visit


I will not delve deeper into the matter of discrimination today but rather focus on a more positive idea and talk about places where African Americans are welcomed. Speaking of positive sides, if you want to know what the best countries for black families to live are, we wrote an article about that earlier so you should have a look.

When you are thinking of places to travel to, it is essential to research in order to find out whether African Americans are welcomed there and fortunately, tolerance is on the rise in most parts of the world which means the worst countries for African Americans may not be so terrible now. Hopefully, discrimination will be a distant memory soon for all of us as soon the black population will make about 40% of the entire world’s population. If we take a look at countries with the largest black population outside of the African continent, France, Haiti, Colombia, the United States, and Brazil are at the very top of the list. It’s almost impossible to find a country with no black population, but a few countries may be close to it. On the other hand, if you want to compare the percentage of white population in African countries, check out 12 African Countries with the Largest White Population.

In an effort to encourage not only African Americans but all people to travel and see the world, we have compiled a list of best countries for African Americans to visit. Break the stereotypes by traveling and experiencing something new. It is important to mention despite the progress we see in recent years, bits of racism may still exist even in the countries on our list but its level is negligible compared to other countries. We should also emphasize that our list was entirely based on experiences of travelers who visited these countries and shared their views on Quora, Reddit, and a few African American travel bloggers such as Oneika the Traveller, ‘N a Perfect World, and The Blog Abroad. We gathered enough information to compile the genuine “black vacation spots 2017” list so that you can decide which of the countries that love black guys as well as girls you are going to visit this year. The list represents the best countries to go to, but there are many other great countries not mentioned here that you can visit. And of course, not everyone’s experience is the same and we must take that factor into consideration as well. Our aim is not to limit but to encourage people to explore the world.

Here are 10 best countries for African Americans to visit.

10. Japan

Japan is a developed country with a strong culture and rich history that everyone should experience. Besides, what is often mentioned about Japan in a similar dialogue is the fact that it has a cool hip-hop culture ever since the 1980s which created a strong affinity for African Americans. Its capital, Tokyo, is a place where you will find plenty of amazing things and a mixture of the new vs. old (fashion and technology vs.tradition). According to experiences of some African Americans visiting Japan, the country seems to be pretty friendly when it comes to black people, so it should definitely be on the African American vacation spots lists.

best countries for African Americans to visit


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