10 Best Countries to Raise a Black Family

Unfortunately, in spite of the rapid spread of tolerance for fellow peoples throughout the world, rampant racism still compels us at Insider Monkey to compile a list of the best countries to raise a black family.

White supremacy has been around for a long while and we have constantly witnessed evidence of the deeply ingrained beliefs of the whites that they are the symbol of civilization and that people of color are sub-human. As such, colonialism and the so-called “white man’s burden” are deeply intertwined, and we see history littered with atrocities committed by white people against the blacks, including, but certainly not limited to, the scramble for Africa and the Atlantic slave trade. Other indigenous peoples were also subjugated, such as the Native Americans and the Indians. These virulent and inherently unjust attitudes took a long time to eliminate, and we still aren’t completely rid of them. This suggests that it is an absolute imperative for black people to distinguish the African American friendly countries from the rest before they travel.

10 Best Countries to Raise a Black Family

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The biggest concern for black people who wish to move to another country is the safety from racial crimes, acceptance in the community, and the opportunity to integrate into society as intellectual equals. Though crimes against people of color are observed in many developed nations, it is nonetheless pleasing to see that tolerance is certainly on the rise. That makes it possible for black people to settle and to raise families in an urban and educated society that affords excellent opportunities to their children. (Unless of course, the Head of State (read: President of the United States of America) is himself/herself a bigot and refuses to condemn the groups responsible for gross acts of domestic terrorism (read: Charlottesville incident) happening under his/her very nose.) If you’re looking for the safest places in the world to move to, look no further than our well-researched article on the 15 Safest Countries For Expats. By referring to both this article and that one, you can also safely determine the best countries for black expats.

To compile our list we selected the countries that love black people from the World Values’ Survey that proceeded to ask people who they would not want as neighbours. As the respondents selected people from a variety of races, the economists were able to determine their country’s racial attitudes. Thereafter, we ranked those countries according to their quality of life as determined by USNews.

Now that we’ve gotten the tedious research bits out of the way, let’s peruse the list of the best countries for black families to live. The places on below can also be safely seen as the best countries for black tourists. (If you’re interested in the other extreme, i.e. the worst countries for black tourists, you can check them out our article on 11 Worst Countries For Black People to Travel.)

Starting with number 10 these are the best countries to raise a black family.