13 Worst Countries in Europe and Asia for Black People to Live and Visit

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In case you have wondered which countries have a low level of tolerance towards differences of any kind, then the list of worst countries in Europe and Asia for black people to live and visit can give you possible hints. Despite our greatest efforts to overcome the racial stereotypes, the racism issues are continuously brought forward.

Racism is defined as a belief, activity, action, practice, and ideology of superiority of one’s race to another one, but it also embraces prejudices and stereotypes related to one’s skin color, ethnic, national and religious identity. Moreover, it’s characterized as an illegal act. It’s no wonder that many organizations, mainly NGOs, are united to fight against this crime of hate.

Worst Countries in Europe and Asia For Black People To Live and Visit


The global community tends to eradicate this antagonism and prejudice towards someone of a different race, through a variety of projects, programs, and strategic plans. However, it is not that easy to confront a process that was rooted deeply in the history. Aristotle himself described Greeks as free by nature, while the non-Greeks “the barbarians” were (at least according to him), irrelevant and inferior. In the 19th century, racism became closely linked to ethnocentricity, what resulted in colonizing Arabs in Africa due to the slave trade. The World War II in the first half of the 20th century is remembered as the world’s greatest massacre, and the Nazi party, one of the those responsible for that genocide was lead (once again) by the ideology of superiority of one nation over another. Just read 10 Most Racist Countries in The World, and you will see that racism is still, unfortunately, a big issue that needs to be solved. Moreover, check out 11 Worst Countries for Black People to Travel, an article we wrote a while ago, to find out what to expect from our today’s list.

Whether against African-Americans, Native Americans, Japanese-Americans, Muslims or Jews, a destructive ideology of racism must be stopped and ended for the sake of living in peace and harmony. The struggle begins in ourselves, on an individual level, and continues to be upgraded at a community level and finally becomes completed at the national level. Many anti-racism movements such as the Civil Rights Movement or Anti-Apartheid Movement tend to promote a society free of discrimination on any basis thus giving a ruling government an example of the righteous policy.

Searching for the worst countries in Europe and Asia for black people to live and visit was not an easy task, since nowadays none of the countries mentioned below wouldn’t recognize themselves as “the racist ones.” Consequently, we checked the Reddit for the information on best and worst countries in Europe for black people to live and travel. What we come up with was the map showing European most racist countries according to the percentage of their citizens who said they “feel comfortable if their child was in a relationship with a Black person”. Next, we consulted Daily Mail’s map where we extracted the data on Asian countries and their level of tolerance towards the people of another race. That was our starting point, since there aren’t many reports carried on anti-black racism in Asia. Then we singled out Asian countries that are more prone to racism, generally speaking, and checked them individually for reported cases of anti-black racism. Since we have been using different sources, we listed Asian countries first, and also provided links to sources we used. Finally, we listed the European countries as well. We ranked the countries according to the percentage of their citizens who said “no to the black people,” or the other races in the already mentioned surveys.

Do not be surprised if your country is on our list of 13 worst countries in Europe and Asia for Black people to live and visit, it’s nothing personal. These statistics are only estimates.


3. China


We are starting off with China, a country with the ‘no-go’ areas for the black people, at least according to Quora. Unfortunately, recent events are the proof that anti-black racism is (still) present in the country, especially in bigger cities. The 1988-89 Nanjing Anti-African protests, caused by the argument between African students and Chinese university gatekeepers which took a wrong turn, are remembered up to this day. Apparently, being black in China is not desirable. It’s interesting that the Chinese population is spread all over the world and when it comes to other race being welcomed in China, they are not so open-minded. However, it seems that China is becoming more popular among the African students, at least according to the US News.

Worst Countries in Europe and Asia For Black People To Live and Visit

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Up next we have three countries which share the second place on the first part of the worst countries in Europe and Asia for black people to live and visit list.

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