12 African Countries with the Largest White Population

If you would like to learn more about white people in Africa, make sure to read this list of 12 African countries with the largest white population.

Although there is a widespread misconception that 99% of Africa consists of poor and undeveloped countries, the truth is a little bit different. In principle, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia would definitely be exceptions in this regard and are far from this definition of poor African countries. On the other side, Kenya and Senegal also showed some progress, while the countries in the far south, South African Republic, Botswana and Namibia, being former German, English and Dutch colonies, developed in an incredible manner and their cities resemble the colonial cities of America and Australia.

12 African Countries with the Largest White Population


Considering the people living there, again, there are certain stereotypes regarding the white population. Contrary to some general beliefs, it is very important to note that the census from 2011 showed that there were about 4,586,838 white people in South Africa. This is around 8.9% of the country’s population, which is an increase since the 2001 census. Of course, don’t expect to find the whitest country on earth in Africa, since the country with largest white population is definitely America, followed by Russia, but make sure not to be fooled into misconceptions. For example, Namibia is a huge country, with around 2 million inhabitants, and out of that there are around 7% white Namibians, that is, people of European birth or descent. The similar thing goes with several other countries in Africa, as it will be seen from the list of African countries with the largest white population. The white population in Nigeria is also important to emphasize, since there are many people of British descent living there, and believe it or not, some Greeks too! White Angolans are also more or less numerous, making around 1.2% of the whole population.

Of course, if you want to know about the opposite situation, that is, about the number of black people that don’t live on this continent, there is also a list of 11 Countries with Highest Black Population outside Africa, so don’t forget to read it. There are some European countries on the list as well, being one of the main proofs that stereotypes don’t work in any direction. Nevertheless, making this list would not be possible without the official Census from 2011, although the census itself was very complex. We also checked the National Bureaus of Statistics for specific countries that were marked as countries with a significant number of white people. Our list will rank the countries according to the overall number of white people who live there. The more white people residing in a country, the higher it will be on the list.

So, let’s read about the 12 African countries with the largest white population.