11 Worst Countries For Black People to Travel

Being dark skinned in each of the 11 worst countries for black people to travel is surely going to affect your experience in a way you would think was left somewhere two centuries ago. However, these places still exist. You will, of course, find a lot of similarities between this list and our list of the 10 most racist countries in the world due to obvious reasons. However, if you haven’t taken a look at that list yet, you might be taken by surprise by some of the entries which seem highly unlikely just because the people in these countries have darker skin too.

Alas, bigotry and ignorance know no race and age so you can have all sorts of people discriminating against people of African descent. Racism and discrimination of all types against these people have been a problem for a long, long time, long before people had even traveled the world. The earliest known mention of dark skin as a negative attribute of a human being is probably the Babylonian Talmud, where the authors describe dark skin as a punishment from the creator of humans for a sinful man named Ham. Although the theory that Ham and his offsprings were used as an explanation for black people in ancient times, there is speculation that in the original text, black skin was the punishment only to Ham himself and not his whole lineage. Other theories suggested that the strong sun in certain regions of the world affected human semen and thus the offsprings of people who live there. However, it was long before the racism we know today had started to develop. While in the ancient and into the medieval times discrimination was aimed towards people from other countries or social classes and any other separate group of people, it was never due to the color of their skin. The racism against black people we know today holds its roots deep back to the enslaving of masses of them. This, combined with the following poor education and high rates of criminal activity that the type of life they were forced into had for them after their liberation and even the events that unfolded during World War II, all contributed to the discrimination we see to this day.

Racism is a serious, morbid problem which we need to do our best about, unlike these eleven countries. Let’s take a look at them.