Top 21 Strongest Most Powerful Military Nations in the World in 2017

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The next World War could very well be on the horizon, so knowing the top 21 strongest most powerful military nations in the world in 2017 could be beneficial to your livelihood.

World Wars I and II are the greatest in history utilizing a high number of military forces. Alliances were developed, and these wars last for years. Not only military lives perished, but civilians as well were included among the many dead. Even before the First and Second World War broke out, colonization was the trend around the world. It was done to expand power and control over nations making the colonizer bigger and more powerful. In most places, colonization didn’t last forever (although it lasted way too long), but it left traces of its influence on the culture, some traditions, economy and much more. While these wars are officially over, other countries are still suffering from the long-lasting effects of everything from colonization to chemical weapons.

These articles on the countries that have weapons of mass destruction and the most technologically advanced military weapon will show you what major countries are working with, in times of war.

Defense of a country is the primary reason why military power is important, however, in our present time, war is the last resort of a nation so as not to jeopardize their economy. Typically, the world’s superpowers and smaller countries will take measures to communicate and resolve issues before going to war. Having the strongest army in the world can expand alliances because no one wants to be on the losing side. Physical, mental, and emotional strengths are put to the test, which is how military training works and leads to the toughest of soldiers. This, in turn, leads to the most powerful militaries.

The Global Firepower released a report on military strength for a total of 133 countries. The factors influencing ranking to revolve around weapon diversity, advanced technology, local industry, natural resources, logistical flexibility, and geographical factors. Nuclear stockpiles are recognized but are not taken to account. Manpower is taken into consideration since a military force won’t work unless you have people ready to sacrifice their lives for their country. The Global Firepower recognizes the total factors as a Power Index score. The perfect value is 0.0000. Due to the factors considered per country, it is unattainable, realistically speaking. We picked highest 21 on the ranking and obtained more information about each from a Google search. You might be surprised with some countries that made it and some that did not make it to the first 21 spots. While North Korea is showing off their nuclear threat recently, it is not among the countries on our list. The danger should not be taken lightly though since who knows what North Korea is capable of doing.

Let us take a look at our list of top 21 strongest most powerful military nations in the world in 2017.

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