11 Most Technologically Advanced Military Weapons

If these 11 most technologically advanced military weapons are ever to use in warfare, then the world has a lot of things to be worried about. You have all probably watched a few Sci-Fi movies, and had fun looking at the things that could happen in the future. Sci-Fi movie makers have always been very imaginative with their design of weapons and features that weapons had. At the time, it wasn’t a big deal, but now as technology progresses, we are facing the possibility to see those same imaginative weapons in action in the real world.

11 Most Technologically Advanced Military Weapons


Militaries have always had too much power and money. Hence, they have been hiring top experts in science and technology, and developing the most amazing weapons and military gadgets. If you are interested, you can also check our list of most technologically advanced militaries in the world.

With their search for an ultimate weapon, the military has given the world technology that can be used for the greater good of making people’s lives more comfortable. GPS, Computer, Microwave, Duct Tape among others were all the things that were firstly designed for military purposes and later introduced to the rest of the world. Let’s hope there will be more of those, and less of weapons.

To find out the most technologically advanced military weapons, we checked the latest military creations available on Youth Connect, Wired, Teqzy, Business Insider and National Interest. After checking them all, we took 11 technologically advanced weapons that appeared the most and placed them on our list.


This one is still not officially in use, but when it comes out, it will be with a bang. DREAD can fire about 12,000 rounds per minute at a speed of 8000 feet per second. Like this isn’t powerful enough, DREAD runs on electricity, so it makes no sound while firing, and it doesn’t heat at all.