Top 25 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World

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The top 25 agricultural producing countries in the world are the top performers in world agriculture-  a vital element for world livelihood. Agriculture is one of the indispensable sectors of the world economy which is not only one of the highest revenue earners worldwide, but also one which caters to the food requirement of the world. Being one of the core industries which is seldom hit by fluctuating demands, a country with a strong foothold in agriculture production can allow for greater stable economic development of a country. It can be hence deduced that a country that relies on its agriculture produce for its revenue generation is building a base to a strong economy. 

The agriculture industry combines agricultural production with theories of marketing – where distribution channels and exports come into play.  While over the years scientific advancement has aided production, the costs pertaining to development of a value chain have increased owing to a focus on marketing. 

 Apart from production there are countries which focus on other areas for earnings revenue from their agriculture industries and some countries go beyond the domestic markets to explore more of exports and cater to an international consumer base. All this has been possible owing to new techniques of supply dynamics. To check the countries which produce majorly for exports and are the biggest agricultural exporters in the world, you can visit our previous article 11 Countries with the Highest Agricultural Exports in the World

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A review by World Bank, projects a growth of almost 9.7 billion in world population by 2050, and identifies Agriculture to be the most powerful tool against extreme poverty and providing food source for the projected increase in people. A growth in agriculture is said to be 200% more effective in increasing prosperity and income than any other sector. While it has accounted for 4% of world GDP, for some countries the percentage has been as huge as 25% of their total GDP. It is therefore quite evident, how crucial the sector has been to world prosperity and even more so in the coming years as an effective fight back to regain economic strength.

Recently, however, climate change has been a major game changer in the agriculture scenario worldwide. With changes in atmospheric factors such as temperature rising and water scarcity, agriculture has been greatly affected. Being an industry largely dependent on the natural conditions – agriculture has been faced with fluctuating yields around the world with the changing weather conditions. The future of these countries lies in adapting to change and developing their own response to climate change. The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations suggests some climate change strategies that can help nations strengthen their climate change mitigation efforts in order to stabilize agriculture. In days to come, agriculture performance of these countries may largely vary according to their focus and efforts on these strategies. 

We have focused our article on the top agricultural producing countries that produce the largest quantities in all agricultural commodities. Other than crops that cater to food requirements, there are also cash crops that are major raw material providers for other industries. That would include, Oilseeds and Cotton seeds producing countries. Also, agricultural production includes diary and meat production. Therefore, to provide a more holistic and inclusive picture we have taken the World Agricultural Production data by United States Department of Agriculture  and the data for production quantities of  All commodities by USDA as our main sources. We have based our rankings on the dataset for 2019 production quantities all commodities which includes, fruits, crops, coarse grains, diary and oils production quantities. 

For now, let’s take a look at the Top 25 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World currently! 

25. Kazakhstan

Total Production in 2019 – 0.12 million metric tonnes 

As small the agricultural sector may seem in the country, contributing only 10% of the GDP, it is surprising that almost 70% of the land is farmland. Wheat alone is produced and exported in large quantities and the country ranks sixth in the World wheat exports.

Most Advanced Countries in Agriculture

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