Top 10 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World

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Below you can find the list of Top 10 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World. For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list of Top 25 Agricultural Producing Countries in the World, please see this article.

10. Ukraine

Total Production in 2019 – 1.45 million  MT

The forever evolving Ukrainian agriculture has managed to remain one of the top players in grain production thanks to its market-based decision making in crop selection. This has enabled Ukraine farmers to achieve desired efficiency in production. Barley has remained the top food grain in the country for over a decade and an increased production has also led to a boost in exports.

9. Uzbekistan

Total Production in 2019 – 1.85 million  MT

With crop rotation Uzbekistan’s organic agriculture, cereal production has increased over 20 times in 10 years. The leading product is grapes and other fruits. 

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