The 7 Worst Blown Calls in Sports History

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Want to know which are the worst blown calls in sports history? Officials, referees and umpires are human and make mistakes like the rest of us, but we do hate it when they miss a key call and alter the entire course of sports history. The fun and excitement of watching sports, each and every one of them, can easily turn into rage and a thirst for vengeance when we witness a blown call. Many fans can also believe a fix is in when such calls are made, and that the umpires have a bias towards one team, which of course ruins the appeal of the match (though it’s also highly unlikely).

Worst Blown Calls in Sports History

The worst blown calls in sports history are repaid by sports fans with eternal booing of referees and umpires, and long memories of the event in question. On a happier note, you should check out our list It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over: The 10 Most Incredible Comebacks in Sports History. If you feel the negative emotions flowing after you witness the most appalling blown calls ever, chances are that you’ll stabilize with some amazing comebacks that showcase the purity and greatness of sports.

Let’s take a look at the current countdown now and find out which are the worst blown calls in sports history.


7. The ‘No Goal’

The 1999 Stanley Cup will be forever remembered for the ‘no goal’ controversy that took place in Game 6 of the Finals. In that match, the Dallas Stars’ Bret Hull scored a decisive ‘goal’ in the triple over-time: the puck was not in the crease, but his foot was. The debatable “skate in the crease” rule stated that if a player scored but had entered the crease before the puck had, that goal would not count. The dubious goal brought the series to an end and the Dallas Stars to victory. Naturally, soon after this incident the controversial rule was taken out of the NHL rule book.

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