The 10 Most Influential Songs of All Time

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Everyone has a list of songs that shaped their life and influenced them in many different ways, but which ones are the most influential songs of all time? Well, we’ve attempted to answer that question with this countdown. However, as the term ‘influential’ is very difficult to define and music as an art form is inevitably appreciated with a good degree of subjectivity, we want to stress the fact that this is merely our choice of songs that have been influential; not only in the lives of their listeners, but on the music industry as a whole.

Most Influential Songs of All Time

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Now then, let’s pump up the volume and take a look at our current countdown on the most influential songs of all time! And feel free to share your personal list of influential songs, welcome your comments and regards on the topic.


10. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana’s 1991 song turned out to be Generation X’s anthem, as well as a presentation card of the Grunge genre. With both critical and commercial success, Nevermind’s success rocketed Alternative Rock into mainstream. Regarding the song’s somewhat cryptic meaning, Kurt Cobain said that “It’s just making fun of the thought of having a revolution”. After Cobain’s tragic death in 1994, “Smells like Teen Spirit” only expanded its effect and influenced more people, both inside and outside the music industry.


The nine most influential songs of all time are coming up on the next pages. Check them out!

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