10 Most Ethical Companies In the World

The 10 most ethical companies in the world will show you that, although we think of every corporate giant as something vile and cold-blooded, companies of all sizes can be as ethical as any other establishment. We do have more of the bad examples than the good nowadays, but that’s what it takes to make it in the world of serious business. However, not every company has to be bad or entirely bad. They might destroy the smaller businesses and make competition everything but fair but on the other side, all the companies on our list make up for a lot by either treating their employees or the world around them specially.

In order for an establishment to be one of the most profitable, its ethical side must surely suffer; to find out which those profitable companies are, check our list of the Most Profitable Businesses. Sure, there are some companies which have spent a century or more to slowly get where they are but a lot of the world’s leading entrepreneurs want to see their effort manifest itself in a successful establishment in less than a lifetime. This often leads to unfair practices or poor employee treatment because anything other than strict, hard work is just wasting resources. However, even though some have passed through hurdles along the way or are still under fire in the public space because of something they did or do, all the companies on this list are an example of how things should be. Even science has shown that a happy employee is a productive employee. Google, the company which arbitrarily practically runs the internet has been treating its working force like every day on the job is like a visit to a theme park and look at how that paid off for them.

From full healthcare coverage to maximum sustainability, these companies’ practices are among the “most ethical in the world” in an unranked list from the Ethisphere Institute. We picked ten of them which have the best size and influence to ethics ratio.