The 11 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects

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Inspire yourselves with this list on the 11 most successful Kickstarter projects. Kickstarter has been one of the better digital creations since the birth of the internet. It provides companies, creators, innovators, and people with ideas the opportunity to have funding and support for what may seem like once an impossible task financially. The idea of Kickstarter is that you promote your project or idea, detailing it and marketing the idea to potential donors. You mention how much you need and what you can do with each milestone and wait to see if anyone wants to support and donate. With a surprising amount of support for the website, more and more people have started to put in ideas and donors come to check out any possible things that might peak their interest.

With that said, Kickstarter has not at all been a bed of roses, as shown here on our list of The 5 Biggest Kickstarter Scams that Swindled Backers’ Donations.

Despite these negative events, Kickstarter continues to be a hub for the common man to reach a financial goal for a project. The 11 listed here all have accrued the highest funding overall regardless of when their project completed and took place. These projects come from a variety of genres and have had more than 100% (some even reaching thousands of percentage) increases in funding.

Let’s go ahead to our first success story in this list:

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