11 Cleanest Countries in the World

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If you are thinking of residing abroad, we listed here the 11 cleanest countries in the world to help you narrow down your picks when it comes to finding a pollution-free environment. A spotless place provides you not only a safe territory but also a brand new feel of life. Today, pollution is rapidly killing our Mother Nature yet we haven’t done anything but to complain about the heat and still idolize the products that threaten our Ozone Layer.

A smog-free air, safe drinking water, environmental friendliness, and overall cleanliness are the points that measure how unpolluted each country is. If you noticed our post regarding the 10 countries with the cleanest air in the world, you might see the some of the same nations in this post. It only proves how hardworking and disciplined these countries are when it comes to sustaining a clean and livable country!

These countries will serve as a role model to the rest of the states in the world to start giving back to their motherland and set off their own operation to save their state. So here are the top 11 cleanest countries that will surely leave you motivated and inspired!

11. Singapore

As one of the fastest developing countries in Asia, Singapore makes itself known for its look as a Garden City. Its reason for looking like a giant garden was from the vision of its former Prime Minister in the ‘60s to integrate both the industrial and environmental development of the country. Singapore stands out today as one of the most successful developing countries in today’s era in numerous phases (despite its land size); to prove it, they have a plan for it so better watch out for Singapore on this list for several years to come and; having laws on proper waste management isn’t something to laugh on. Perhaps a possible destination for the retiring people since it brings people get nearer to nature.


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