11 Biggest Advertising Companies in the World

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The world today is filled with ads and we definitely cannot ignore the 11 biggest advertising companies in the world who are constantly captivating us with the ads they are producing. They are the big shots in the ad world and are in charge of most of the ads that we get to see around us. The amount of ads surrounding us is immensely overwhelming and as the technology is making the world around us smaller, there is just no escaping the reach of advertisement. The truth is, all our activities today round up to advertising and there is no denying that ads are affecting all our buying decisions.

Even the biggest and the most trusted brands depend on advertising for their survival, and they turn to these companies to meet their advertising needs. These ads have made brands out of the unknowns and given the well-known players the boost they needed. They are the ones behind some of the veterans like Pepsi and General Motors and have had an indispensable role  in making them what they are today. They are also the creators of some of the classic ads that have become so etched into our memories.


Ad companies are responsible for the services of creating, planning, and monitoring of advertisements for its clients. The whole process hinges on great management and planning efforts but is also essentially a creative endeavor. The ad industry is amongst the most creative industries out there today since it is a service industry that concerns itself with the human psyche and what cause an impact on real people and their lives. However, it also concerns itself with media spaces and deals with its monitoring.

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With the emergence of new media, it is hard to both stay connected to technology and ignore ads in our everyday life. But, we do however miss to acknowledge the makers of these ads, so let’s get down to unveiling the biggest advertising companies in the world today.


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