Richest Doctors in the World

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That the medical industry offers plump salaries is old news, but have you ever wondered who the richest doctors in the world are and how much they earn? While some plastic surgeons gained their millions by putting Hollywood celebrities under the knife, other specialists have made their fortune by closing clever deals with pharmaceutical companies. Either way, the medical experts on this list have certainly paid off their student debts by now.

In a recent article we took a peek at the top ten best-paid medical specialties, which included radiology, cardiology, and surgery, amongst others. However, there’s one additional factor that can help doctors of any kind pile on the big bucks: a charismatic personality. So let’s take a look at the richest doctors in the world and how they reached their current millionaire status.

10. Robert Rey

Net worth: $15 million

This plastic surgeon is considered one of the best in Beverly Hills, but he earned a big portion of his fortune by appearing on television. His appearances on Dr. 90210 especially helped to increase his popularity as a doctor, as well as the numbers on his bank account.

9. Leonard Hochstein

Net worth: $20 million

Located in Miami, Leonard Hochstein caters to the rich and famous with his plastic surgery skills. He specializes in breast implants and his wife recently became known for her role of the Real Housewives of Miami.

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