Most Expensive Summer Camps

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When school is out, the sun starts to shine, and temperatures start to peak, the richest kids attend the most expensive summer camps in the country. Every year, for six to eight weeks (and sometimes longer) these camps open their doors and offer the children a wide list of activities, as well as exclusive amenities you won’t find at a regular camp in the woods. However, parents will certainly find themselves dropping anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for the summer of their child’s dreams every year, because gourmet food and jet-skiing isn’t cheap.

Another tricky aspect of these elite camps is that, much like the Ivy-league pre-schools, they have a selected list of VIP kids, who have their spot reserved every summer, as a result of their family legacy at these institutions. This means that many of the new-rich kids are waitlisted since they’re born. While working at a luxury camp may not be amongst the 8 best summer jobs for college students, the camps themselves are quite magical. Let’s take a look at the most expensive summer camps and what they have to offer.

6. Camp Cedar and Camp Mataponi

Price: $11,100 for 8 weeks

If you drive down to Casco, Maine, you’ll find this all-boys ultra-preppy summer camp. Located on Brandy Pond, which connects to the large Sebago Lake, the boys here have to follow a strict wardrobe code (the camp requires a different jersey for every sport), with every detail specified on a list at their arrival. The all-girls Camp Mataponi, situated on the Sebago Lake, costs the same, but is less petty, focusing more on teaching girls to water ski, sail, rock- and rope-climb, and much more.

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